5 Common Air Conditioner Issues And How To Avoid Them


Are you experiencing problems with your AC? Having problems with your air conditioner or AC in the middle of an extremely hot Australian summer season can make for some very hot days and sleepless nights. Even though regular maintenance can help prevent AC problems, an unexpected or occasional emergency can arise anytime with your property’s cooling system. We provide 24-hour ac service. Please visit our site for more information.

When the indoor temperature in your Queensland home starts to go up and your AC unit is giving you a headache, it can be hard to identify the exact reason for the problem. Let’s take a look at some of the most common AC problems and how to fix them properly below:

1. Fan Malfunctions

An air conditioning system usually has two fans: one that blows indoor air and the other that blows warm air out of the house.

If either of these two malfunctions, whether it’s because of a faulty motor or lack of lubrication, it can lead to insufficient airflow. In most cases, an AC unit running but isn’t blowing enough air can be a big reason for the fan unit to fail.

To avoid fan malfunctions, be sure to have your AC unit serviced regularly by professionals from Brisbane air conditioning companies and service providers near your area.

2. Refrigerant Leaks

If your AC unit is low on refrigerant, it’s either because of a leak or it was undercharged during the installation or its last service.

In the case it leaks, adding refrigerant isn’t enough as a solution. You should have an experienced technician fix the leak, test it, and then charge it with the right amount of refrigerant moving forward.

Keep in mind that the efficiency and performance of your AC unit depend on the amount of refrigerant it has; it should never be undercharged or overcharged. So, you need to make sure that the refrigerant in your AC unit matches the manufacturer’s specification. Also, refrigerant leaks are extremely hazardous when improperly handled and for more guidance there is a popular HVAC Maintenance in Phoenix.

To prevent refrigerant leaks from happening, it’s advised that you have a trained technician examine your air conditioning unit regularly to look out for possible leaks.

3. Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is the part of an air conditioning system that’s responsible for absorbing heat. This is where the refrigerant absorbs heat and where the cold air comes from. Evaporator coils can freeze up for a variety of reasons such as dirty coils, airflow problems, or low refrigerant levels.

The best way to avoid this problem is to change the filter in your AC every month and schedule a tune-up with a professional AC contractor so that your system’s airflow can be tested and its refrigerant levels corrected.

4. Hot Air Coming Out Of The AC

Nothing is more uncomfortable than having an AC blowing out warm or hot air. It’s widely regarded that it can be annoying to have an AC that releases warm air. Before proceeding with any fix, ensure that your thermostat settings weren’t switched by accident. Then change your air filter. Old and clogged air filters are oftentimes the culprit for AC problems.

If the filter is ok and isn’t the problem, it could be that your AC low refrigerant levels. You can check it out by feeling if the larger of the two copper lines in your AC’s condenser is cold or moist. If it’s not, then your AC’s refrigerant is said to be low.

You should call in a trained HVAC (heat, ventilation, and air conditioning) technician to refill your AC with refrigerant and to check if there are any more problems with your unit. This is to prevent having this issue from happening again in the future.

5. Electrical & Power Issues

Sometimes your air conditioning system can go out because of electrical or power issues. When your AC unit has been running for several hours, it can overheat and trip the circuit breaker. If that is simply the case, you can flip the circuit breaker switch back on and see if your AC runs normally again.

But if your breaker doesn’t work normally again and continues to shut down, it’s a sign that there’s an electrical or wiring problem. Electrical and wiring problems are quite dangerous as they can start a fire. Be sure to contact an HVAC professional or an electrician to diagnose the problem and have it fixed.

Final Thoughts

The best way to avoid these common air conditioner issues is to have your unit examined and maintained regularly by a licensed professional. This is to ensure that your AC unit is running in optimal condition at all times. A professional will conduct a thorough inspection of your AC system for problems or issues and fix them right away.





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