7 Striking Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs

Houses today give us more than just a homely feeling. They strike a really elevated sense of living in today’s contemporary world. We now see all these online trends coming up and inspiring people all over the world. New aesthetics, unique designs both interior and exterior-wise.

And, as you all know, we love bringing you new stuff arising in the design world. But, as far as this blog goes, we are going to take you through modern farmhouse exterior designs. Why farmhouses specifically you ask? It is because we are seeing modern home owners gravitating towards this type of house a lot.

So, if you are thinking about upgrading your property and stun your visitors? Try considering these appealing farmhouse exterior ideas to make it stand it extraordinarily.

Bt first let us also tell you one thing. Doing renovations like this will in turn increases your property value by a lot. So, futuristically thinking, this might actually be a great idea to take on!

Dark Roof Glamour

We live in a world right now where dark is bold! Deeper colors are really celebrated now a days as brave and unique choices. They stand out loud from the rest of your neighborhood and represent something very edgy.

Stylish Exterior Siding

Farmhouse exterior sidings may sound like a simple trick but as a whole, they just really elevate the exterior look and feel. There are also various siding styles that you can choose from. A vertical alignment provides you with a simplistic and classic look.

For a much stylized look, you can combine two siding techniques or types together as sown in the picture above.

Gables Bracket Roofed Farmhouse Exterior

Gable bracket roofs have that warm farmhouse feeling to them. They just are so theatrical and dreamy. Therefore, they are always a good addition to the modern farmhouse exterior design. Additionally, you can get them custom made as per your likings. Finalize your bracket design keeping in mind the exterior built of your house.

Modern farmhouse with a steep roof

Do you want to astonish people with a dramatic vibe? We suggest opting for steep roofs. The traditional steep roofs pose a colonial vibe. Whereas, if you wish to modernize your property, opt for an asymmetrical roof as sow in the picture. Pro tip – Install heightened and elongated glass windows for all the natural light to seep in.

A rocking entrance

Go scout for natural stones (preferably flat) in and around your vicinity. They can serve as a great raw material to lay stairs for your entryway. Just place them on top of each other leaving enough foot space to create a rustic nature walkway.

What you can also do instead is arrange proper cut stone slabs for your entryway. This is a less rustic and crisper, cleaner version of employing stone pavers.

Modern Farmhouse with a wall of glass

Installing an entire wall of glass is a very contemporary style of architecture. You not only open up the outer space to yourself but stay confined in your shelter at the same time. Such farmhouses are found especially in the woods or in the countryside where they are surrounded by trees and natural beauty.

Choose a bold farmhouse exterior color

Rather than painting with a cliche, neutral shade, we suggest you go bold with your farmhouse exterior color. You can go teal, dark navy, maroon; if you do not want to go gaga all of a sudden. Go take a stroll at your nearest hardware store and get yourself some color palette books. Shortlist your colors and buy small containers of them. Paint color swatches on your walls, let them dry, and then finalize.

Remember, it is your house and you can jazz it up as you like. Also, consider your budget before taking up any work. The second important thing to consider is the city you live in, the weather conditions there. So, you can plan and source your raw materials accordingly.

We hope this blog inspires you in recreating your farmhouse’s exterior in more than one way from The Arch Digest. Till then, keep reading and keep sending us your feedback.