9 Tips to ensure your kitchen is pest-free


Pest infestation simply creeps us out. The kitchen is one space in the house where disease-spreading pests hide. Commonly, it is the damp areas and dustbins where pests are found. Whether it is the monsoon season or dirty cabinets the sight of crawling pests is unbearable.

The thought of pests roaming around those dirty dishes and garbage sends a shiver down our spine. These tiny pests hide inside sinks, cracks, cabinets, and beneath dustbins. You may or may not notice pests but their presence can make you seriously sick.

To get rid of disgusting pests it is necessary to get pest control Melbourne. However, taking care of your kitchen after getting pest control is even important as it helps in keeping your space pest-free for a long time. Learn how you can keep your kitchen and house safe from pest intervention.

9 Tips You Should Follow to Keep your Kitchen Pest-free!

Keep Your Kitchen Dry

Insects are found around damp spaces. Therefore, if you want to live in a pest-free environment, make sure to keep your kitchen dry. The area around the sink is where most moisture is present. Ensure that you wipe off the sink area and the wet dishes before calling it a day.

Dampness isn’t just caused by water, but oil spills and liquid soap are equally responsible. Oils and grease ruin the appearance of your kitchen and also attract pests. So, keep your kitchen dry and clean after getting pest control Melbourne.

Eat At Dining Tables

We all have a dedicated space in our homes for eating. But, we often ignore the fact and eat all across the house. Such a habit simply spreads food crumbs in different spaces of your residence. You invite pests to roam around in different rooms in search of food and because of your careless attitude.

For preventing pest infestation at home, bring a change in your habits. Eat at dining tables so you don’t spread mess all over your house.

Store Leftover Food in Air Tight Container

Opened food packets need to be stored properly. Else, you’ll end up wasting the leftover and inviting pests to your kitchen. When it comes to food storage, avoid using cardboard boxes as pests can get into the boxes. Make efforts for keeping your food untouched and safe from pests.

Store food in air-tight containers and plastic bags, but never leave them open overnight. Make sure you store sugar, flour, and other cereals in air-tight containers as well. Follow these measures after getting pest control Melbourne and keep your food safe for a long time.

Keep Kitchen Cabinet Clean

Cabinets are an important part of the kitchen that creates spacious storage. We store all kinds of food items in an organized manner. Usually, we clean our kitchen platforms but forget about kitchen cabinets. Pests often remain hidden in these corners as well.

When you want pest control Melbourne to last for a long time, make sure to clean your kitchen cabinets regularly. Just wipe the cabinets with a dry cloth or use some disinfectant for keeping the space pest-free.

Wipe Down Surfaces After Cooking

The kitchen platform is where most of the cooking is done. It becomes a victim of regular oil spills and grease. Food crumbs and leftover dishes attract pests that roam across your kitchen spreading germs. For preventing pest infestation, you should wipe down the kitchen platform after cooking.

Just use a cloth or wipe for removing all kinds of grease and juices from the surface. Feel free in spraying disinfectant for keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic. This small initiative will help in keeping pests at bay.

Wash Dishes Every Day

Doing dishes isn’t the most pleasing chore but you need to do it anyway. Lazy people often miss out on dishes and do it at a gap of a few days. This ignorance and carelessness invites pests and also leaves you tired. For avoiding pests washing dishes every night is quite helpful.

Some have a habit of leaving dishes soaked in water. Don’t do it! Never leave your sink filled with dirty water and dishes. Put some effort into cleaning dishes immediately after you eat. Follow these tips so you don’t have to get pest control in Melbourne at frequent intervals.

Dispose Waste Regularly

Waste is the most prominent reason that invites pests like cockroaches inside your house. These germ-carrying pests remain hidden inside your garbage bins when don’t dispose of them regularly.

Make sure to empty your garbage bins every alternate day. Use garbage bags and seal them before disposing of them. If you have kids and pets at home instruct them to throw waste inside the bins and not leave them around the bins.

Keep the Lid on Your Dust Bin

An open dust bin sends an invitation to pests as it has all kinds of waste. You can notice flies around an open dust bin that sits on your food and makes you sick. Additionally, an open garbage can forms a disgusting sight.

So, as soon as you get pest control Melbourne keeps the lid of the dust bins on. It will not attract any pests and give your kitchen a clean look.

Deep Clean Kitchen Every Month

Deep cleaning of the kitchen can prevent you from having a lot of trouble. With usage, the kitchen accumulates dirt, grease, and food crumbs in the unreachable corners and spaces. Slight dampness and food crumbs are the most suitable environment for pests. You can dodge the bullet of availing regular pest control Melbourne by deeply cleaning your kitchen.

Use dry cloths, vacuum cleaners, disinfectants, scrubs, liquid detergent, and water for thorough cleaning. Else feel free in relying on experts. Maintaining a clean, hygienic, and pest-free kitchen isn’t easy but it is not impossible either.

Just be a little attentive and careful about the cleanliness of your kitchen. Use covered dustbins, empty them regularly, do the dishes and wipe off the platform before you go to sleep and see the difference yourself!

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