4 Best Benefits of Composite Decking


When it comes to choosing the best type of decking for your garden, you should consider composite decking. This type of decking is becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. Many people want to have decking that looks good and lasts a long time. But are there any other benefits to this type of decking? Read on for more information:

1. It’s Available in a Variety of Colours

Composite decking is available in a variety of colours. You don’t have to put up with having the same decking as everyone else. Thanks to the range of colours available you can find a colour or two that matches your home or your garden.

In addition to this, you might even want to consider choosing more than one colour. For example, the largest section of your decking could be graphite and your steps could be stone or silver. Not only van a variety of colours make your decking look good but it can also make it a safer place to be. This is because anyone walking on the decking should be able to see the change in colour. This will alert them to a change in the surface from decking to steps. 

2. It’s Very Easy to Maintain

One of the best benefits of composite decking is it’s very easy to maintain. You don’t have to varnish it every year and you don’t have to scrub it clean. All you need to do is clean it with water and gently brush any debris away with a broom. You don’t need to do anything more than this. 

Of course, you can purchase composite decking cleaning materials but some of them can be quite harsh. The best thing you can do is use water and a broom to clean your lovely new decking. It should not need anything stronger. You can always use a hose to clean your new decking but please make sure the water pressure isn’t too high. A lot of pressure could potentially damage your new decking. Use enough pressure to blast away the leaves but nothing harder than that.

To get extra care of your new decking, you might want to give it a wash every few weeks in the winter months. This is so it does not become full of debris and is easier to maintain. You don’t have to wash your new decking a lot during the summer months unless you use it quite a lot. A quick wash will ensure it stays looking good. 

3. It’s Slip-Resistant

Thanks to the way our composite decking is made, you won’t be slipping on it any time soon. This will come as a welcome relief to anyone who has mobility issues or is concerned about their children. 

The combination of plastic and wood materials that are used in the manufacturing process means our decking is safer for you to walk on. You can stand on it, enjoy barbecues on it, sit in the sun or do whatever you please. You won’t need to worry about your new decking getting wet or about anyone falling over. 

4. It’s Ethically Produced

Not a lot of people are aware that composite decking is ethically produced. This is because recycled wood and plastic is used during the manufacturing process. In other words, a tree or two won’t need to be chopped down so you can enjoy having decking in your garden. It also means that less plastic ends up at landfill and is instead used to help make your decking. 

Want your garden to look as good as possible while having little impact on the environment? use composite decking. It’s a much greener alternative than many other types of decking out there. In addition to this, composite decking lasts a long time so you won’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon. This is another reason why those who care about the environment are more likely to choose composite decking. 

Composite decking really does come with a lot of great benefits. Why not make the most of all that this type of decking has to offer? Choose composite decking for an ethically produced, long-lasting, non-slip deck that’s easy to maintain. Don’t forget it’s also available in a variety of colours. 

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