Statement Furniture Pieces You Need For Your Home


Some rooms look charming because all items blend harmoniously with each other, while others look stunning because one piece of furniture steals the show. If you are looking to transform your living room or bedroom into an awe-worthy space, consider using a piece of furniture that makes a bold statement.

Whether you love timeless home designs or modern decor, you can always find a bold and fabulous instrument furniture piece to give your space the wow-factor. A statement piece acts like a beacon that draws the eye in a way other items in the room can’t. Wondering how to use daycare furniture to make a great statement? Keep reading to discover the answers.

Choosing a Statement Furniture Piece

When designing a space, you need to decide what item will be the leading star of the room. The piece you pick should stand out instantly, have the power to act as a focal point, and be captivating. A statement piece can be a piece you already have or a piece you invest in.  A good example might be a high gloss tv stand that can stand out.

Statement pieces come in different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. Most people mistakenly believe it has to be an item that has a bright color, looks extravagant, or is oversized. However, there are many pieces that don’t fit that definition that can be used to send a loud message. Here’s how to approach this decor project.

Start By Taking Note Of Your Space

Even though your goal is to find the perfect piece, you shouldn’t begin searching for furniture before you closely assess your home. Choosing furniture before analyzing the room might limit your options. By assessing the space, you’ll be able to identify the amount of space available, the best area to position the piece, and other elements in the room that can help create the perfect contrast.

Scouting For The Ideal Piece

Now that you can picture the layout of your space, it’s time to look for a piece that can set the tone of the room. You can check around your home to see whether you have a piece of furniture that can make a statement and then arrange the other furniture around it. For instance, if you have an old wooden chair stashed away but is still in good shape, you can polish it with wood finish paint and place it where it can cause a stir.

If you don’t have any furniture pieces that you can use to steal the show, you can opt to buy one. Here are some options you should consider.

1. Sofas

Sofas are the most commonly used statement furniture pieces. Since a sofa dominates the space, it acts as a great accent piece. With sofas, you have a myriad of options to choose from, and you can get marvelous results provided you pair them with the right items. However, you also want the sofa to be practical and comfy. A custom sofa bed would benefit those that may be looking for something luxurious, and beneficial. Sofa beds are good for homeowners who need furniture that can accommodate extra people.

You can opt to go with a brightly colored chaise lounge, a velvet chesterfield, or a scarlet camelback. When picking a sofa bed for your home as a statement piece, look for something that has enticing patterns, an unconventional shape, sumptuous edges, or unique leg designs. Remember to experiment with pillows to add more charm.

2. Chairs

If your living room looks dull, you can use the chair with stool to add a bright touch against a neutral background. You can place four purple velvet chairs around a small coffee table, but if that looks overwhelming to you, consider a single bold-colored chair, or an upholstered patterned chair.

3. A Small Table

Regardless of its size, a small table can be used as an accent piece to add some rich detail to a room. You can use a coffee or end table made of unique material like handcrafted wood, weathered wood, or bronze glass. You can also pick one that is expertly painted, has intriguing geometric curves, or elegantly finished.

4. Dining Tables

To add character to your room, consider bringing the outdoors inside. A raw wood dining table has the power to take center stage. If you want something that doesn’t have a woody look but looks natural, go for a marble table. Marble or other designs that mimic earthly tones can add a dramatic effect to the room. When choosing a dining table, make sure it will work well with your dining chairs.

5. Side Boards And Credenzas

A sideboard can help add depth and warmth to a plain room. Whether you need extra storage or just a stylish piece of furniture, a sideboard from Meble Furniture is a great choice. If you have an old sideboard, you can get artistic and give it a red hue. Use lacquer to give it a shiny look. Using mirrored furniture can also add the sparkle your room lacks. You can use a mirrored credenza as a TV stand or a place to showcase your collections.

6. Beds

If your bedroom has been looking boring, why not make it more exciting by adding an amazing decor piece? Attempt to create a space that makes you feel calm and romantic, and one that helps you wake up feeling brighter. Consider button-tufted, arch-shaped, or live edge headboards to make a solid statement.

Regardless of the bedroom decor you go with, don’t forget the importance of upgrading your mattress. A new mattress can add a new level of comfort, make you more productive, and boost the quality of your sleep.

How To Make A Statement Piece Work In Your Home

If you have fixed your eyes on a piece of furniture and you absolutely love it, here’s how to incorporate it into your home.

  • Let it stand out. Strategically place the piece to make it more visible.
  • Don’t be afraid to use paint. When you run out of pairing ideas, you can always use paint to make a piece stand out.
  • You don’t have to match everything. Instead of trying to match, minimize the colors you use, and use the main accent color in three different areas.
  • Reconsider the furniture arrangement. To meet your taste and style, don’t be afraid to rearrange the room or tweak things to create balance. 
  • Balance the scales. When choosing a statement piece, make sure it is practical and doesn’t obstruct you from conducting your day-to-day activities.

Final Thoughts

With a single piece of statement furniture, you can give an average room an elegant look. When chosen right, a furniture piece can unify other items in the room, make the room look more stylish, and draw the attention of every visitor.

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