Sump Pump Buying Guide


If you have heard about basement horror stories then you are already aware of the different things that you may experience yourself. People who had their stories to share have probably mentioned the problematic process of getting the water out of the basement or the expensive costs they had to pay for water damage repairs and rehabilitation.

Those experiences can be points for improvement on your side. You pick up what they do and try not to replay their mistakes right after hearing it. So the question is how do you prevent basement water problems from happening?

A good and reliable way of preventing such kinds of problems is by purchasing a sump pump for your basement. Sump pumps are machines that operate to detect the water level of your basement and drain them accordingly whenever necessary to make sure you basement stays warm and dry regardless of any situation.

If you do not have a sump pump in your home yet, this may be the perfect time to consider buying one. This is guaranteed to be a one-time investment that will spare you from a lot of water trouble and expenses in the future. To make this experience easier for you, we have prepared a simple and useful sump pump buying guide.

A Useful Buying Guide for Sump Pumps

Sump pumps come in many shapes, forms and sizes. Though geared towards one goal, some of them come with different ways of functioning. Check out the following pointers to understand what is important and come up with the right choice for your basement.

Consider Mode of Operation

It is important that you choose the type of operation your sump pump has. You can choose between a sump pump that operates in automatic or manual mode. When we speak of manual sump pumps, we are talking about one that will have to be turned on and off whenever you deem necessary.

On the other hand, an automatic sump pump is one that has automatic switches. It has low level pressure switches, pressure switches and float switches. This automatically turns on and off when it reaches a certain water level. If you do not have the time to stay in control of your sump pump, it is recommended that you go for an automatic sump pump.

Choose the Right Horsepower

A sump pump’s horsepower can be from one-fourth to multiple horsepower. Knowing which one applies to your situation best is important because having a horsepower that is too weak to power up your system can still leave you with a poorly functioning sump pump. Getting one that has too much will cause it to undergo continuous cycling and may lead to burning out.

Meanwhile, having just the right amount of horsepower can leave it in optimal condition. If you are clueless on what to get, you can check your sump pump’s manual as it has its recommended uses and pump curve. Meanwhile, if you are thinking of replacing your existing sump pump, it would be best that you stick to the same horsepower unless there is a need to upgrade it.

Alert Feature

Some pump pumps have a battery backup and alert feature that you can use. This gives you the capability to know how your sump pump is doing. In case your sump pump fails, the alarm system will send you a notification and alert you of the status. In situations like this, the battery-powered backup sump pump can be set to take over.

Housing of Your Sump Pump

Sump pumps come with a certain type of housing. You will be able to choose among models that come in plastic, cast metal or stainless steel. You can choose the material appropriate for your situation. This is essential because the monitor needs to be protected at all times. This is the housing’s main use.

Voltage and Cord Length

When choosing a sump pump, you have to mind the voltage that it has. Most sump pumps for home use a standard 110-volt circuit, while those used in industrial settings use a 220-volt circuit or higher. You should get one that matches the voltage levels that your house is set on to avoid power problems.

Another thing to check would be the cord length. You should get a sump pump that is set to reach your main power line because it is not recommended to use power cords or extension cords with this. Stay safe and make sure to check that all necessary cords and switches can reach a GCFI outlet.


The thought of purchasing a sump pump seems easy until you reach its nitty-gritty. There are a lot of factors to consider when looking for the right sump pump for your home. Your neighbor’s perfectly functioning sump pump may not be the best choice for you.

To determine the right model and type to get, use the following guidelines. It is important that you get a sump pump that can deliver all your basement’s needs. Spare yourself from problematic situations and poor functioning by taking the time to learn about sump pumps and your home.


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