Wind Turbine: Expectations vs. Reality


Everything under the sun has upsides and downsides. Also, everything has a specific lifespan. There is no doubt that wind turbines are eco-friendly. Still, they have some drawbacks as well. In addition to keeping the environment pollution-free, wind turbines produce noise that pollutes sound significantly.

Besides, there is an uncertainty of the electric production due to lack of fuel supply. Wind turbines do not burn fossil fuel like oil, coal or gas. So, if the wind stops to blow, the production of power will be hindered. Expectation and reality vary.

Besides, electricity is needed mostly for cities and towns while wind turbines need remoteness to turn their blades by the wind. Also it not as easy as you is thinking to install for the first time. If you want to learn more about wind turbines, you can find everything on this website you need to know.

So, in this article, I am going to paint a clear picture of what you expect from wind turbines and what you will receive in reality.

In the case of Renewable & Sustainable energy

Expectation: Wind turbines produce electricity which is renewable and sustainable. As the wind never stops, power continues to create. Also, it requires no burning materials like coal, gas or oil. These fossil fuels can be run out and stop producing electricity.

Reality: Due to a mechanical problem, sometimes, it is seen that some wind turbines do not work though the wind blows. Besides, it so happens that the wind stops at all and hinders to turn the blades of the machine. But what if they run by burning fossil fuel? It continues to produce electricity as long as the stock of fuel finishes.


Expectation: Wind energy is eco-friendly, and thus its demand is on the increase day by day. Developed countries like China, the United States, Germany and many other countries are investing a tremendous amount of money in this sector. They think that wind turbines are cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly.

As wind turbines do not need to burn anything, there does not produce carbon dioxide, which is responsible for air pollution.

Reality: Blades of wind turbines are dangerous for wildlife such as birds and bats. While they fly in the sky, they come into the machine and die by the rotators or blades of wind turbines.

Wind turbines also produce much noise which pollutes sound. The noise increases as along over time. The older a wind turbine is, the more noise it will produce. It also creates visual pollution for human beings.

Wind energy is free

Expectation: You can get cheap electricity or even free electricity by installing a wind turbine at home. It is completely free. In rural areas, its installation is increasing fast, being very cheap. Wind farms are also making plans to enlarge their project’s capacity for producing electricity to add to the national grid.

Reality: It seems that electricity which a wind turbine generates is entirely free. Yes, it is true, indeed. But to receive this free power, you have to spend a handsome amount of money to install a wind turbine for your home use. The installation process is time-consuming as well as costly. After you are done with the installation, then you will get free electricity to run your households.

Production area

Expectation: To produce electricity by a wind turbine, you need a windy area where the wind blows all the year-round. You can install a wind turbine on your rooftop, making its height according to its requirement. Towns and cities need more electricity in comparison to rural or remote areas.

Reality: If you want to install a wind turbine for your home, you need proper wind flow to activate the machine’s blades. Having taller buildings all-around your house, there is a little chance you can get enough electricity from your wind turbine.

Besides, you cannot even install the free-standing wind turbine in a place near your home. There is almost no open and spacious place in the city or town. Also, you may already have known that wind farm plans to locate onshore and offshore or hilltops.

Longevity matters

Expectation: Don’t just think that you have installed a wind turbine for your home use and you are done. Everything fades away by natural wear and tear, so happens for a wind turbine. If a wind turbine can go through proper maintenance, the turbine will enjoy a lifespan of 20 to 25 years.

Reality: The maintenance cost of a wind turbine is expensive. Sometimes, it is seen that it stops working and producing electricity. If you have a chance to go to visit a wind farm, you may see one or several wind turbines are not working.

Wind turbines need maximum height

Expectation: If you want to install an individual wind turbine, you can install it on your rooftop. The elevation is required to supply wind flow to the machine. It is not your solar panel that can sit just on top of your building. The same thing happens in case of a free-standing wind turbine.

Reality: If you do not get enough free space you will have to face problems. Wind turbines need an open and spacious place so that the wind can blow continuously without encountering any obstructions. As a wind turbine is reasonably massive for your building’s roof, there may have problems with your house’s construction.

Final Verdict

Nobody can receive precisely what they expect from anything in the world. The ROI (Return of Investment) can be increased, but it is almost impossible to get a hundred percent returns from any investment. The main reason why countries in the world are keeping pace with generating power through a wind turbine is eco-friendly. The manufacturers of wind turbines are also making revolutions in bringing new technology in this field.

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