How To Keep Bathroom Clean?


The stake is high when you don’t have a clean bathroom. Being the most important room, you want to keep it clean always. But apart from other rooms, it is also the most difficult task to keep your bathroom clean. But with the right guide and cleaning products, it won’t be deemed as a daunting task at all.

To make myself clear, there is no magic pill or shortcut to keep your bathroom clean always. It’s a continuous process. So, whatever you learn today from this guide, you have to repeat it every once in a while. For more information, visit

Top 10 Tips To Keep Bathroom Clean

Like many others out there, I also hate to clean it myself. Maybe you too. But I promise you to keep all the tips as hygiene as possible so that you feel less discomfort. Here are 10 most easy to follow yet highly effective bathroom cleaning tips that you can implement right now!

1. Control Moisture

Excessive moisture will make cleaning your bathroom tough and daunting. When you take a hot shower, there will be spilled water everywhere like on the bathroom doors, tub, walls, etc. In the long run, mildew will grow everywhere inside your bathroom. More so, it will attract more dust from outside.

So, what can we do about it? Well, I have some solutions for that. You can keep a squeegee over your shower head. Then identify the last person who takes a shower and instructs him to wipe down the excess water from the walls, tub, and other places. This extra 1 or 2 minutes’ job will make it very easy to clean your bathroom and make sure you use a proper fiberglass shower cleaner.

Now that you have taken a step to control the excess water, make sure to install an exhaust fan to take care of the moisture inside the bathroom. It will keep the bathroom dry keeping all the moisture out of the bathroom.

2. Use Water Repellent

Scrubbing the bathroom is disgusting, no doubt about it. I find the soap scum disgusting while scrubbing the floor and wall. But you can make it less disgusting using water repellent. You can try RainX or EnduroShield. It seems they have a greater quality.  Also be sure to take care of your carpet with great services like Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Fort Myers.

3. Cleaning The Shower

Let’s first understand why you should clean the showerhead in the first place. And I am not just talking about the soap-scum issue here. Your showerhead may harbor millions of germs and if you don’t clean it regularly they may end up in your lungs.

Using white vinegar, we can clean it easily. In a grocery plastic bag, pour an ample amount of such vinegar just enough to soak the showerhead. Tie the bag soaking the head for overnight. In the morning, remove the plastic bag and run the water to rinse all the vinegar off.

4. Keeping The Shower Curtain Clean

You can keep your shower curtain free from mildew, water minerals, and soap scum using the all-purpose cleaner as well. If the cleaner contains any bleach, that will be even better. Just spritz the shower curtain bottom with the cleaner and rinse it off after a while.

5. Cleaning Walls, Tiles, And Ceilings

Along with the soap scum, dirt and your skin cells contribute to making the bathroom wall and ceilings dirty. Using all-purpose cleaner, you can easily clean them all. Spray the cleaner on them and all other bathroom fittings like the countertops, toilet, and so on. You can use hot water if the situation demands.

Wait for at least 20 minutes and let the cleaner and hot water mix do the magic. After waiting for 20 minutes, wipe down them using a clean cloth. Wipe the floor lastly when you are done wiping the wall, ceiling, and other fittings.

6. Keeping The Sink Clear & Clean

Don’t keep anything there if you don’t use it daily. Scented soap and a toothbrush should be all you need to keep there. Keeping your sink clear will make it look tidier. It helps to keep the sink clean as well. You can use white vinegar or baking soda to clean it.

Down the drain, pour baking soda or vinegar and flush hot water. Clean the handles with clean clothes. You should floss the faucet as well. Another important tip for you. Do not keep soap. Instead, you can keep hand-wash liquid there.

7. Cleaning The Toilet

You can’t have a clean bathroom with your dirty toilet. No matter how many times you flash it to keep it clean, germs will still linger there (toilet bowl) to strike any time soon. You can use any good quality toilet bowl cleaner or just baking soda to keep the bowl germ-free.

If you choose the latter option, pour a cup of baking soda into the toilet bowl and wait for a few minutes. The bowl should be clean when you brush and flush the toilet. If you still see the spots there, use toilet tank cleaner and follow their instructions.  For more info about another toilet cleaning tools visit Toiletrated.

8. Right Cabinet Order

A clutter-free bathroom always looks beautiful and clean. Keep all of your cosmetics and other hair tools organized inside the vanity or medicine cabinet. Having such a cabinet will help you grow a good habit of organizing your bathroom the right way.

9. Install Towel Bars More

Your towels will dry quickly if you hang them across the bar. It will make your bathroom look tidier as well. If your bathroom does not have enough space, consider installing an over-the-door towel bar.

10. Wash Towels Too!

Washing the towels at regular interval is not just a hygiene issue, it’s a health issue as well. It’s a breeding ground for different types of bacteria that may possess health hazard. Dirty towels make your bathroom look dirty as well. So, it’s recommended that you wash your towels at regular interval.


A dirty bathroom will puncture your prestige for sure. You do not want your friends to see it. You do not want it for your betterment. As you can see, keeping it clean is not so daunting. All you have to do, just be regular following these tips.

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