What vacuum cleaner do you need?

The vacuum cleaner is surely one of the most celebrated appliances in history for the amount of time it saves us to clean the house. Where there used to be a broom with which we would go on forever sweeping the floor, now there is no home in which there is a vacuum cleaner missing with which we can achieve much better cleaning results in a few minutes. If you are one of those who resisted its charms or if you are interested in buying a new one, we advise you on the details that you must take into account when choosing the best vacuum cleaner.

How it stores dust

Your vacuum cleaner is designed to take dust and dirt away with you. But where do they end up? To choose a vacuum cleaner you must choose between one of these two systems:

Vacuum cleaner with bag: inside the vacuum cleaner there is a sealed bag made up of filters where dust particles are collected. When the bag fills up and loses its effectiveness, you should exchange it for another.

Bag less vacuum cleaner: the vacuum cleaner contains a tank with a filtering system that you must empty periodically.

Design: sled vs vertical

Design is probably also important when choosing your vacuum cleaner. The traditional model is the so-called sled, which is characterized by having a cylindrical shape, wheels and cable. Vacuum cleaners with and without bags are available for this design.

If you are looking for a more modern aesthetic and more comfortable handling, the so-called broom, upright or cordless vacuum cleaners are long, slim and cordless. They are more ergonomic, as they prevent you from having to bend down, as sometimes happens with sleds. Cordless and cordless vacuum cleaners.

Cordless and cordless vacuum cleaners

One of the great advances that vacuum cleaners have experienced is the possibility of getting rid of the cable. Vacuum cleaners with cable connect to the electrical current. However, cordless vacuums are equipped with a rechargeable battery that allows you to move comfortably without plugging and unplugging as you move from room to room. A great advantage to keep in mind when choosing a home vacuum!

At Bosch, our cordless models are powered by lithium batteries, which guarantee great durability, with autonomies of up to 75 minutes (depending on the model), and fast charges. You want to know more? Discover our Athlet cordless vacuum cleaner models. Among other features, they have a sensor that measures performance and alerts you via an LED if it decreases so you can clean the filter. In addition, they are suitable for all types of floors without the need to change the brush.

Suction power vs performance

Many people interpret that the most important thing about a vacuum cleaner is the suction power, but that is not all. As we explain in this post, a higher number of watts or volts does not have to translate into more effective cleaning. However, vacuum cleaner performance is key in how you use that force to collect as much dirt as possible. Do you have questions about choosing a good vacuum cleaner? Make sure it has technologies that optimize its operation.

As we were saying, in addition to the sensor that controls the performance and ensures the maximum efficiency of our vacuum cleaners, even when the bag is almost full, they also have four points that ensure great efficiency: perfect sealing, improved motor, improved filtering system and accessories optimization. On the other hand, we have also improved the bag’s lace hole, the deployment mechanism, the sealing system with additional padding, as well as the density of the material, to favor better filtering. Meanwhile,┬áif you need high-quality pneumatic vac to make cleaning jobs easier, visit the link.

More possibilities with accessories

You will already have more than proven when you clean at home that there are places that are difficult to access. When you go to choose your vacuum cleaner, look at what accessories it includes. These are very practical for getting a clean spot. The accessory kit for Bosch cordless vacuum cleaners brings together the necessary tools to clean drawers, narrow spaces, the computer keyboard, spaces under furniture … It also includes XXL nozzle and brush for upholstered furniture, and flexible hoses that offer more freedom. As you can see, there won’t be a millimeter from home that you can’t reach with your vacuum cleaner.

If you have animals

Having a pet is home is very decisive when choosing a vacuum cleaner. Both dogs and cats lose hair on a daily basis, and in large quantities if they are in the molting season, so cleaning the home requires more effort.

Animal hair can become embedded between floor joints and sofa fabrics, becoming very unruly and difficult to remove. So that it doesn’t take too long every time you vacuum your home, we encourage you to try best shark vacuum for pets. Like our Zoo’o Pro Animal range, which collects hairs up to 30% * faster than a conventional vacuum cleaner. The different models (with bag, without bag and with cable) have (depending on the model) a turbo brush, a wider nozzle for upholstery, a special brush for wooden floors and nozzles for joints and upholstery.

If you are allergic

Allergies require vacuums with excellent filtering systems so that the dust particles collected by the tank or bag do not slip back into the room air. If you want to choose a specially designed vacuum cleaner, our ProHygienic vacuum cleaner with bag is ideal thanks to its perfectly sealed elements and the UltraAllergy filter. On the other hand, a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters is also highly recommended for you, since they manage to trap up to 99.95% of the particles.