Great Methods to Deal With Porch Pirates


Package theft is a problem that continues to cause headaches for a lot of people. Not everyone can accept the delivery in person because they are at work. And arranging the delivery for another day is also not an option in some cases.

Some take a risk and ask the delivery person to leave the package on their porch. As expected, this attracts attention from unwanted people.

According to CR Research, about 36 percent of Americans have had their package stolen at least once. And porch thieves are one of the leading causes behind these thefts.

Getting a refund is also not something that you can expect that easily as you will likely need to go great lengths to prove that the package was stolen. Not every delivery company is known for their cooperation.

If you had to deal with the problem of porch pirates recently, do not presume that it was only a one-time thing. It is likely that you will encounter these thieves again. And you should be prepared the next time it happens. 

Method #1 – Buy a Parcel Box

A parcel box is similar to a regular mailbox with one exception – its volume. You can fit larger stuff in it, not just letters and smaller packages.

If you want to find the right large porch box for your house, consider Neighborhoodsquare as a go-to place as they have an abundance of information for those looking to find the best option.

A parcel box will do you a lot of good because only those with a key that opens it can access the contents inside. In other words, the thieves will not bother with it if they need to break a box.

Method #2 – Get a Dog

Method #2 – Get a Dog

A dog on alert is one of the best methods to discourage porch pirates. Seeing a big dog ought to be more than enough to make them think twice about entering your premise. And even if a dog is on a leash, it will still start barking and attract attention from other people in the neighborhood. Not all porch thieves are willing to take a risk like that. 

Method #3 – Look for Alternative Delivery Location

Accepting delivery in person is always the best solution. If you cannot be home at the designated hour, find out whether the delivery service can bring you the package in another location, like your workplace, for example.

Or maybe you are running late because you are stuck in a traffic jam. Give them a call and ask to wait for a bit if they can. You need to find a way that works for both parties involved. 

Method #4 – Install Security Cameras

Method #4 – Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are not something that directly stops porch thieves, but they are a good countermeasure that functions as a repellent tool. 

You will discourage potential thieves just by letting them see that you have security cameras. Sure, some will say that these thieves can put on a mask and not worry about getting their faces filmed. But wearing a mask in the middle of the day and approaching someone’s house is very suspicious behavior, and doing so involves certain risks.

Moreover, a solid house security system will do more than just stop porch pirates. There are other kinds of perpetrators that are potentially looking to break into your home. So taking the necessary measures to fight against them will save you from a lot of trouble.

Method #5 – Ask Neighbors for Help

A person you can trust taking the package is the next best thing if you cannot accept it yourself. It can be your friends, neighbors, or even family members. The most important thing is that you can have peace of mind knowing that the delivery will end up in good hands.

Also, be sure to inform the delivery company about another person accepting the package on your behalf to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings.

Method #6 – Use Amazon Key

Method #6 – Use Amazon Key

Amazon is also trying to fight against porch pirates. Amazon Key is a feature that allows delivery men to enter the recipient’s house, garage, or anywhere else that requires a special key.

Now there is a potential risk involved in letting a stranger enter your premise. But on the other hand, having a delivery person enter is not as risky as leaving the package out in the open and attracting porch pirates. 

Method #7 – Insure the Package

Insurance is not something that a lot of people would consider, especially when it comes to smaller packages. It is not worth investing money for some since the odds of a porch pirate stealing the package are not 100 percent.

At the same time, there are those who insure everything just to be on the safe side of things, and they get compensation if the package is stolen. So weigh the pros and cons and decide which option is the best for you.


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