What kind of Shoes to Prevent Ingrown Toenails


Virtually anyone can be diagnosed with ingrown toenails due to certain conditions that hinder the proper growth of the toenails. However, teenagers below the age of 21 (Development stage) can be easily plagued with ingrown toenails. The bone and tissue of the body are flexible and under development below this age limit.

Calm down and relax, there’s no need to panic. One of the actual causatives of ingrown toenails and toe abnormalities is bad or tight footwear’s with a narrow toe box. This is quite understandable because there is no room for the outgrowth of the toenails and this results in nails growing backward or sideways.

Nevertheless, Bad shoes are not the only things you should be wary-off to avoid ingrown toenails. Some of them are improper clipping of toenails, curved toenails & poor nail care, genetic susceptibility, and toe injury & infection.

What is Ingrown Toenail?

For starters, this is an irregular development of the toenails toward and into the skin or nail bed. An ingrown toenail is a common nail disease and a very painful one at that. The big toenail is often the victim of this excruciating condition, accompanied by inflammation and swelling.

Clinically, this condition is known as Onychocryptosis which is a result of the toenails growing into the flesh either sideways or backward. Another phenomenon related to ingrown toenails is overgrown skin. In this case, the skin around the toenails grows excessively, overlaying the toenails.

People affected with ingrown toenails often experience symptoms such as swelling of the affected area, a mixture of blood & pus secretion, severe pain upon impact with any surface, and difficulty in putting on shoes. Although, if this condition is detected earlier it can be rectified and corrected before escalating.

How to prevent ingrown toenails

Even though ingrown toenails is curable, the process of treatment depends on the severity of the ingrown toenails. The usage of warm water plus Epsom salt soaks, antibacterial ointment, and dental floss is advisable for a medium case. However, surgery might be needed for a severe case of ingrown nails.

It is easier to prevent ingrown toenails from occurring or escalating by ensuring effective measures. Some of the preventive measures against ingrown toenails are proper clipping or cutting of the nails straight across and avoiding the sudden impact of blunt heavy objects on the toes.

The best measure against ingrown toes is acquiring shoes for ingrown toenails. Ideal shoes for ingrown toes should have a wide toe box with a supportive structure and design. It is necessary that the shoes are supportive, comfortable, and not too heavy.

What shoes are best for ingrown toenails?

The kind of shoes best suited to avoid ingrown toenails should be soft and supportive. Many footwear’s out there are stylish and attractive. However, getting comfortable and quality shoes to prevent ingrown toenails is far beyond style and fashion. Each component of the shoe requires proper analysis to prevent such an occurrence.

It is very advisable to avoid tight shoes with a narrow toe box because they can hinder the proper growth of toenails, resulting in ingrown toenails. The idea is to avoid excess pressure on the toes, eliminating the possibility of reshaping the growth of the toenail under pressure.

Light athletic footwear’s are one of the best shoes for ingrown toenails due to its breathable constructive materials and supportive design. The ideal shoe for this excruciating condition must be able to provide soft cushioning, a wide toe box, and must be shock absorbing.

The toes must be able to stretch and arch naturally and comfortably with enough room in the shoe interior. Coupled with replaceable orthotic insoles and well-structured exteriors.


An ingrown toenail is a painful condition, which affects the lifestyle of many. However, there are also preventative measures to this severe condition that plagues the toenails. The most ideal and common measure is the footwear that we use daily. This is why selecting a shoe has to be done with caution.

A wrong shoe choice can either lead to or worsen the condition of ingrown toenails. Nevertheless, getting a quality shoe with supportive features to alleviate or prevent ingrown toenails becomes easier with the aid of our informative article. It is time to relax and enjoy comfortable footwear that offers all round protection.

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