10 Great Reasons to Install Window Shutters

Whilst curtains and blinds are undeniably popular, you could find that your ideal window dressing solution is to install window shutters. Solid wood shutters were in use long before glazed windows were affordable and their appeal and functionality endures over five hundred years later.  Find the best blinds and shutters company in Central Coast here.

1. Perfect in domestic and commercial environments, versatility is a key attribute when looking to invest in attractive window shutters. Made to measure in either hardwood or a waterproof Thermotec alternative by expert craftspeople utilising state of the art technology, you have a surprising array of colours and finishes to choose from. The best shutter firms offer custom colours and finishes so that a corporate colour can be used to reinforce branding in a business premises. Within a home, make a vibrant feature of the window shutters, have them completed in an accent colour, highlight a theme, add character or create clearly defined areas for specific activities. There are few spaces that don’t benefit from a window shutter installation.

2. There are several styles to choose from. Whether you prefer full height window shutters, also known as plantation shutters, partial cafe shutters, tier on tier, solid panel or shaped window shutters, your design choice helps you to efficiently manage light and temperature levels with an exquisite aesthetic. The materials used are long lasting and will serve you for years without tearing, becoming moth eaten or suffering from discolouration.

3. There is a solution to meet all budgets and to exceed all expectations. The world of window shutters is almost unlimited so allow your creativity its freedom.

4. Window shutters installations maximise the space by being part of the window instead of its parts cascading or billowing into the room or collecting in a bundle at floor level. This improves health and safety and ergonomics as shutters reward you with viable space.

5. Who doesn’t welcome a simple solution? A ream of instructions isn’t needed to operate a shutter. Professional installation by a leading specialist delivers peace of mind that every part of the process from selection to installation has been coordinated and that the product is of the optimum quality and functionality. You should also benefit from a guarantee. Moreover, a DIY installation increases the risk of the window shutter being misaligned, this can create a warping effect over time.

6. Window shutters are wonderfully low maintenance. Time is precious and shutters demand less cleaning attention.  Whilst curtains need to be taken down, washed and reinstalled, Roller Shutters Sydney take a few minutes to dust, wipe and restore to their showroom glory.  Never use chemical cleaners on shutters, they won’t appreciate it. If you have allergy sufferers in the space, the lack of curtain or blind materials can aid health.

7. Shutters protect your privacy. With a full height, tier on tier or partial window covering the ability to look in from the street is reduced so privacy is heightened. Few people like to be on view to their neighbours, most of us prefer something that shields us from prying eyes. Moreover, in a business environment in which sensitive data is being dealt with, even a lower half of the window cafe shutter is a prohibitive factor to Nosy Nellie and Norman.

8. An enterprising burglar may be able to get past curtains or a blind but shutters present a greater obstacle. Also, the inability to see into the space means that a thief could not be sure that the property was empty and therefore suitable for their opportunistic needs. They’ll not bother to take the risk.

9. Up to 50% of a room’s heat can escape via windows. As you manage the amount of sunlight and heat that builds in a room via the shutters you should also see a positive result in your energy usage. Closed shutters keep rooms cool in summer, less need for a fan or air conditioning all day, and insulates the same room in the depths of winter by not allowing drafts in or heat out. You have double or triple glazing plus the shutter to keep you snug so the thermostat can be turned down by a degree or two.

10. Window shutters will never go out of fashion. They may have developed new styles, finishes and colours but the original essence and purpose of the shutter remains, even in an age of innovation and technology. If or when you sell your property, the window shutters installation adds value so it’s a wise investment today, and tomorrow. Please work with a proven leading window shutter specialist to achieve the best results.