What is Double Glazing Perth

When it comes to the different types of windows available to you on the market today, it can very easily become extremely overwhelming on which window is the best for your individual needs and requirements.  With that being said, one of the most popular types of windows is going to the insulated glass window, also referred to as an IGU.  Essentially, an IGU is going to combine multiple panels of glass into one single window.

Of these IGUs, most of them are going to be two panels or glass, which is also known as double glazing.  Of course, you are also going to have triple glazing (which is three panels of glass), which is starting to become popular as well, but are also going to be much more expensive than most people are looking to spend on a single window.   What makes an IGU window so special is the fact that it is going to be separated by a special spacer, meaning that there is a still layer of gas between the panes of glass.

Benefits of Double Glazing

When it comes to double glazed windows from www.advantagedoubleglazingperth.com.au, they are going to be one of the most energy efficient choices that you are able to make as far as windows go.  On top of that, they are also going to be great at minimizing all of the excess noise that you don’t want to hear as well.  This is because the sealed gap of air that sits between the two panels of window is going to act as a type of insulation.

On top of that, the double pane design is going to provide a much more thermal resistant window, meaning that you can expect a smaller amount of heat from escaping the inside of your home during the winter months, allowing you to maintain a much more comfortable temperature throughout the year.  What makes double glazed windows even better, is the fact that they are going to have the complete opposite effect during the hotter summer months.  This means that you can expect most of the unwanted heat from the outside to penetrate your windows, essentially keeping your home much cooler when compared to most of the other windows available on the market.

Whenever you are near a window, the amount of comfort that you feel is going to be affected by whatever the temperature of the window is going to be.  When you have double glazed windows, it is going to be much, much harder for any heat from the outside to penetrate through the window glass.  What this means, is that when you do have double glazed windows, you will be able to keep the hotter outside temperatures where they belong, outside.

This means that the inside panel is going to be much lower, usually closer to that of room temperature.  As if that weren’t enough, double glazed windows are also going to reduce the amount of condensation that your windows will deal with, meaning that they will reduce the amount of unhealthy mold.