What are common cause of roof damage


Roof damage is a major concern to homeowners because roofs protect us from many things. Although your roof might seem indestructible due to quality shingles and sound gutter systems, it eventually wears down over time due to constant tears.

Several factors might help you spot potential breakdowns like leaking roofs and loosened tiles. But it’s crucial to consult a roofing constructor who will suggest the best solution as to whether you need a repair or a roof replacement. On the same note, you might want to consider a different roofing variety that guarantees longevity during replacement.

While aggravating factors like roof leaks might help you spot potential damages, a proper expert inspection is mandatory. We’ve also outlined the most common conditions that cause damage to your roof to help you stay on the safe side:

1. Harsh weather conditions

Although roofs are meant to protect you from severe storms and strong winds, they are the primary subjects to these conditions. Harsh weather conditions like unpleasant winds, excess water, and snow are inevitable, requiring constant checking and repair.

Excess rainwater might damage roof gutters, cause a tear to materials used in fixing the roof, and eventually result in annoying leaks. In a few cases, snow might accumulate on the rooftop and form over drains that hold water.  On the other hand, strong winds put pressure on the entire roof and might cause tiles and shingles to fall off, thereby exposing the interior portions like timber and insulation space.

2. Poor roof handling

Besides natural hazards like harsh weather conditions and heavy winds, you might be responsible for the prevailing roof damage that’s depriving you of sleep. It’s not a bad idea to hang out with friends on your rooftop. However, this practice subjects your roof to wear and tear.

While walking on the roof with friends, you might cause mechanical damage or mishandle certain parts on the roof. Someone might accidentally drop a heavy object on the tiles. Similarly, you might damage useful fragments on tile-tops and displace a few shingles. In cases of hot temperatures, rooftops are typically vulnerable to damage, especially if you put on shoes with spikes.

Although spending time on rooftops might readily subject various parts to tear, you can minimize such instances by incorporating a walk pad. Walk pads are typically meant to reduce wear and tear that results from rooftop hangouts. With walk pads, you can access the place you desire on the roof without necessarily stepping on random tiles.

3. Aging

Everything is subject to constant wear and tear, and your roof is no exception. No level of maintenance and repair can keep up with aging. In most cases, what you need is a new replacement, and consulting our Home Genius Exterior Rockville roofing specialist can help you choose a cost-friendly but durable roof.

Aging causes shingles to weaken and become easily damaged by both water and wind. Some tiles might fall off and expose the interior parts, which allows water and general debris inside. Not to mention, your roof might register cracks in random areas.

Some roofs, like rubber roofs, have a high life expectancy and can register up to 50 years of dedicated service. On the contrary, some roofs have low flexibility and are subject to environmental hazards. If, for instance, your roof has served you for over 20 years, it might be wise to consult with your trusted technician and consider a new replacement.

4. Lack of constant maintenance

Minor and neglected roof damages often lead to massive and costlier repairs. If you fail to attend to minor problems because they seem less harmful, you might attract heavy repairs eventually. It’s crucial to check for possible causes of leaks and wrecks once a severe environmental condition, like a storm, occurs.

Although constant maintenance might be costly and tiresome, it further boosts your roof’s life expectancy and general health. Fixing small leaks helps avoid large uncontrollable leaks. In the same case, constant unattended leaks might damage your electrical wiring and other vital components.

Regardless of the damage, whether small or large, always aim to repair. The best option is to check with qualified personnel whenever the need arises.


Rooftops are structures that keep us safe from adverse weather conditions and other harmful objects. Keeping this fact in mind, it’s of great importance to properly maintain your roof and ensure its full functionality. With our pointers to what causes your roof to leak, you can guarantee longevity. In whichever case, whether you have a minor or major breakdown, consult a qualified and professional contractor to either repair or replace it accordingly.

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