How to turn woodworking passion to a career in Ireland


The profession of carpenter is a traditional field of activity but which has evolved considerably in recent years. Working conditions have improved due to the creation of lighter and less dangerous frames.

The carpenter is a rigorous person who exercises his profession in the workshop and on construction sites. It is a profession of passion which requires availability and a solid physical condition. The carpenter shapes, assembles, fabricates, traces, builds and chooses the appropriate materials to manufacture his frames.

The woodworker, what does he do?

In Ireland, Carpenter Navan takes care of the fabrication and erection of the frames. In Navan, Its beneficial to start your profession of woodworker if your have passion. He realizes and designs the entire framework of certain constructions, studies, traces works and executes assemblies which will serve as structures to cover the buildings.

The woodworker takes care of mounting his materials directly on his site. To achieve his frame, he needs various elements such as rafters, beams, posts but also cladding and insulation elements such as wainscoting, panels under the roof to solidify his work as well as construction materials. insulation.

This profession requires knowing how to represent an object by projection. This is what is called in the profession “the purity” or “the art of the line”. The realization of technical drawings allows carpenters to find the appropriate cuts to achieve their frames.

Where does he practice?

The carpenter is a dynamic man who likes to move and be on the ground. The profession of carpenter can be practiced on different types of constructions such as public or private buildings, home improvement, agricultural sheds, industrial buildings such as factories, timber frame houses and even schools.

Many skills required to turn woodworking passion to a career

A good carpenter must know how to read the plans of the architect, to handle perfectly well the tools useful for the design of frameworks such as saws and assembly machines. This job requires excellent resistance to effort, solid physical condition and good interpersonal skills to perform team tasks. The carpenter has a sense of balance because he is often required to work at height, which is also why good eyesight is essential in order to read plans quickly and efficiently.

The profession of a carpenter requires knowing how to interpret, plan and imagine future constructions in space. It is essential for him to be able to read an industrial drawing, to know the metric and geometric measurements and to have knowledge in shaping technique.


This profession is practiced with particular aptitudes. Not everyone can invent a carpenter, which is why there are comprehensive training courses that train young, experienced graduates who are immediately operational in the field.

In Ireland, It is possible to do a CAP (Certificates of professional aptitude) as a wood carpenter, marine carpenter, carpenter installer. For those who wish to have a professional baccalaureate there are specialized establishments that offer GM Carpenter wood builder or technician of manufacture.

The GM Carpenter is also a quick way to get started in the profession of carpenter. For those who want to continue after the Professional woodworking, it is advisable to do a Roofing framework or wood and housing construction systems.

A possible evolution?

Companies are looking in numbers for qualified young people with good future prospects. The senior carpenter is a worker considered as an executive. The profession is in strong evolution since the multiple creations of ecological constructions. New specialties are created and the profession of carpenter is transformed. Wood carpenter can become a plotter, workshop carpenter, escalator carpenter or lifting carpenter. On the strength of his experience, the carpenter is also called upon to lead a team or orient himself towards complementary professions. If his job fascinates him to the point of passing on his knowledge, he can become a trainer or work in a design office.

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