Ways to keep your home and garden secure


As we transition into the winter months, the propensity for crime increases. Whilst crime overall has been decreasing thanks to various IoT home security systems, it still pays to be vigilant with latest figures showing there were over 267 thousand burglaries in 2020/21.

We’ll show you some simple ways you can keep your home and garden secure – without turning your property into Fort Knox. Meanwhile, if you need expert professionals to help you with aluminium slatting, click the link given.

Motion-sensor lights

The majority of thefts occur at night, so illuminating your garden and entry points is a good way to help deter potential threats. Install motion-sensor lights on access points around your property.

Not only are they a great preventative method, but they’re also useful for visitors trying to navigate driveways in darkness.

Door bolts

A simple, easy and most importantly effective way to secure your property. Adding a metal door bolt to garden gates, sheds and garages can instantly deter thieves. Many door bolts also have the added benefit of being able to add a padlock for additional security, making them a must-have item for any household.

Gates and fencing

Check that your fencing is secure all the way round the perimeter and make sure that you don’t have any rotten panels that could easily be broken through. There’s a growing trend for garden gates to be the same height as adjoining walls and fences and this not only gives the fence and gate more integrity but can of course deter those looking for an easy way in.

Metal gates are harder to scale than traditional wood fence panels and installing an electric gate will further increase security.


Instead of a tarmac drive, opt for a gravel one instead. The noise of footsteps on gravel will help alert you to anyone walking up your driveway and when combined with security cameras and motion-sensor lights can prove to be an effective deterrent.

Slate grey gravel chips are a contemporary way to incorporate this ingenious anti-theft deterrent and for more traditional properties, white limestone gravel or polar white pebbles look particularly fetching.

Security cameras

Once upon time a burglar alarm was the staple of every household, but since video recording technology improves, as well as our reliance on cloud-based devices, now around 40% of households have some sort of security camera. Install a camera over doorways and ensure it captures entry on to your property for maximum coverage.

Smart doorbell

A smart doorbell allows you to see who’s at the door, without you even being in the house. Download the app and get an alert every time someone approaches the door or rings the bell. Not only does this mean you can tell the delivery driver where to leave your parcel, but should the worse happen and you become a victim of theft, you’ll be able to download the video stream and hand it to the police.  


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