Purchasing a house in 2021 – Is it an intelligent decision to make?


Today, most real estate experts and agents get asked if 2021 is an excellent time to purchase a house. The answer is yes, but there’s a warning! While most people think that residential real estate is a good investment, it’s an individual decision to determine if it’s the correct investment. One of the most crucial queries is to enquire, “Why?”

Why do people buy a house? Is it purely because they have a good job, are in a good community, and wish to settle? If yes, then making a home investment is an intelligent call. However, if you plan to move within a year, renting is better than purchasing a house when the real estate market is high. Check out North Gaia EC if you are planning to move from a public housing unit to a secure and elegant privately-owned residence location.

The essential guidelines for buyers

The housing market will remain favorable for the sellers for some time. Hence, here are a couple of tips to reduce stress:

1. Get in touch with an expert real estate agent

It is an essential thing to do! In a market that’s heated, an expert real estate agent will have all the know-how about homes the moment it appears in the market. They will also know about the way neighborhoods are trending. Also, even when no one can anticipate when the real estate market might sink or is about to expand, the best real estate agents are aware of sales volume and price velocity much before the data gets reflected in the housing reports. They are deeply involved with it regularly, while the housing reports are usually 30 and 60 days behind. To know more about expert real estate agents, you can check out dezertproperties.com.

2. Get firm and realistic about what you should and can spend on a house

With increased competition and a low mortgage rate of interest, people are expanding their housing budgets. And if you find yourself in your highest end, will your house result in great contentment to overcome all other things that you might have sacrificed, such as vacations? Also, can you afford the upkeep and maintenance that will get added to the cost in some time? It is essential to ponder these aspects practically.

Is it a good situation to buy a house right now?

Today, there is ample attention given to the incredible house prices over the past 18 months. And the move to the sellers’ market got started much before the world witnessed the pandemic. Also, for years, the builders fell behind the construction, and the interest rates were low. And exactly when they made it to their 30s and at times even the 40s, the millennials did something that most didn’t expect from them, that is, purchase houses.

And these changes might be incremental, but the data highlights that a steady uptick in house costs was ongoing for almost ten years. Hence, like all other things, the pandemic had worsened the inventory shortage and speeded up the skyrocketing valuations.

Finally, it is not a surprise that today we have arrived at a seller’s market! And despite acute and ample competition, the real estate agents and experts believe 2021 is an excellent time to buy a house.


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