Want to extend the life of your trees? Have a look at what experts have to say


Taking care of trees and observing them grow is a rewarding experience. Although people are very enthusiastic at first go, the feeling subsides with time. Significantly, you have to take care of your backyard to keep your garden in a better condition. However, you will have to understand the strong relation between proper maintenance and beautification. In most cases, people are not aware of the small tips and tricks that will enhance the growth of the sapling. It is here that you require to do some research. On the other hand, to deal with a severe condition, you need the help of professionals. It is because they have sufficient training and expertise to accomplish the task.


 Most of the individuals take watering very casually. However, it should not be the case. You have to pay a considerable amount of attention to the amount of water you supply to the plant. Apart from this, the frequency of watering is a significant area. The tree requires an optimum level of moisture from the soil. Apart from this, you will have to take care of the mulching process because it directly impacts root health.


 If you are a cautious gardener, you must be aware of mulching. Mulching the tree at infrequent intervals is essential. It is significant in the case of newly planted trees in your backyard. If you want to insulate the root from high temperatures, you will have to take care of the mulching process. You will have to clear the soil for any grass that falls within three to ten feet of the bark. Although the exact diameter differs from one tree to the other, you will have to take care of the cleanliness. Try spreading a 7.6-centimeter layer of mulch occurring naturally in your area. You may use bark pieces or wood chips for this purpose. Ensure that the coating is a minimum of three feet in diameter.


 Nobody likes dead branches on their trees. However, your trees will develop them in different parts of the year. Routine pruning is fundamental if you want to do away with dead branches and limbs. If you need the tree to look healthy, it is a significant area of attention. Dead branches will only add to the weight of the tree and lead to branch breakage. Hence, you may require the help of experts to avoid dead bark sand branches. However, you will have to be cautious of excessive pruning. You cannot opt for this process every three to four months. Going for the pruning process every few years is the natural rule. You may take the help of Manhattan Tree Care who are known for their professionalism and pruning techniques. They are efficient with their tasks and accomplish the process within the stipulated time. Hence, it encourages the natural growth and development of the tree.

 Lastly, you will have to be aware of the exposure of the tree to the sun. If you have shade-loving plants, you cannot expose them to the direct rays of the sun. Hence, the proper placement of the tree is your responsibility.

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