Avoid these planting mistakes for better tree health


Everybody wants to have a lush green yard to impress their visitors. If you are one of them, you must be extra cautious of your tree health. Remember that impoverished saplings do not make a profound impression. You must be careful of their health and strength so that you become a successful tree planter. From the soil to the branches to the overall appearance of the tree, everything is significant. Your tree will grow only when it is in proper health. For this, you have to be extra careful.

Poor selection

Selecting the right tree as per the place is essential. You can visit planting sites if you want and lookup for the recommendation. Try to consider width and height if you want your trees to be in good shape. Make a note of the already grown-up trees in your backyard as well as your neighborhood. Select varieties that are adequately suitable for the area and are resistant to disease and insects. Poor selection will not lead you anywhere. You have to do your part of research if you want to come up with a beautiful backyard. For ensuring this, get in touch with a Manhattan area tree company.

Improper root system

The roots are the most significant part of a tree. They are the correct reflection of tree health. For enabling the tree to grow well in your backyard, you will have to pay attention to the root size. Consider the root health as it is a general rule that every gardener has to keep in mind. Ensure that the diameter is somewhere between ten to twelve inches, and thereby you don’t have to worry about anything else. On the other hand, anything less than that will make the tree suffer from shoddy plantation tricks, thereby cutting down on durability.

Inappropriate planting site

If your garden has clay and sandy soil, you will have first to amend it. For ensuring good tree health, you will have to pay attention to the mud. Before you start planting, go for a soil test. Pay attention to the fertilizer requirement and soil pH if you want your planting site to flourish. The soil type is significant if you need the planting site to make a profound impact. Sandy soil will require some amount of modification before you plant your trees.

Avoid staking

Do you know that staking is vital for your tree? Yes, research reveals this point. When you do staking correctly, it will benefit the tree’s health. However, you have to stay extra cautious when using the tools. Try opting for professional help for this.

 On the other hand, you cannot leave out pot-bound roots and planting holes. These are critical facets you will have to pay attention to when you are fixing your trees. For improving the overall health, you will have to pay attention to mulching. Improper watering and lack of supervision may affect your tree growth. Thus you must remain serious about your tree health. 

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