Types of Window Opening Popular in the UK

Aside from choosing a particular window type, the way it opens also plays an important role. Some of the things you should consider when it comes to window opening selection include material, design, and budget. For homeowners who want to save some precious time, you can opt for any of these popular window opening types in the UK.

Casement Windows

These windows are known for their European and British history. Casement windows were only available in variations made from timber and metal back then. Fortunately, the material selection for casement windows nowadays is much more extensive.

Since this window opening type usually derives from low-maintenance materials, you won’t need frequent repairs in the future. This advantage, combined with the casement window’s remarkable energy efficiency and security, explains why it belongs in this list.

Tilt and Turn Windows

If you want to achieve an overall modern home look, you won’t go wrong in choosing tilt and turn windows. Unlike the other window opening types, these windows open inward for enhanced ventilation, safety, and easier upkeep. Some people choose tilt and turn windows due to their unique way of opening.

Featuring a hinge mechanism that opens in two ways, you can expect these windows to be versatile and practical. You can either open it entirely like a casement window or tilt the bottom part slightly to create a smaller opening. Going for the latter option is more secure because no intruder would fit through the small window gap.

Sliding Sash Windows

The majority of sliding sash windows come with one or two vertically-sliding sashes. For these windows to remain open, either a spiral balance or a counterweight executes the job. A sash cord runs over the pulley’s top rail as well.

Compared to the other window opening types that open in or out like doors, sliding sash windows are different because they open vertically. Worrying about these windows not matching your house’s aesthetic won’t be an issue. Due to their timeless style, sliding sash windows match both new and old property designs.

Top-Hung Windows

It is safe to say that top-hung windows are among the best ways to create square-shaped openings outside your house. No matter what size you intend for your windows, you can rest assured that these windows would give your residence a clean, minimalistic, and sleek style.

For those who want to maximize security and ventilation, you can combine top-hung windows with casement windows. Another great option is to have these windows work with obscure glazing for a better ventilation system.

Fixed Windows

As you can tell from the name, fixed windows can’t open or close. They are primarily known for framing outdoor sceneries. Fixed windows are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, making them ideal for most homeowners.

These windows are great for allowing as much light into your home as possible. Not only will fixed windows eliminate the need to turn on the lights during the daytime, but they will improve your general mood as well. Several studies prove that natural lighting makes people more productive throughout the day.


Before you have your new windows installed, you must understand how they work beforehand. Doing this will save you from making a regretful decision. On top of that, choosing the right window opening type affects numerous aspects, including energy efficiency and upkeep. Going for any of the window types mentioned throughout this article will likely make your home renovation project successful.