AC or DC power: Which one is better for Home Usage?


The electricity flows in two different ways, one is alternating current “AC” and the other one is “DC” direct current.

Electricity involves the process of movement of electrons through a conductor with the help of a wire.

The difference between the alternating and direct current lies in the direction of the electrons flow.

In this article, we’re going to have a detailed discussion about AC and DC power systems to conclude which one is better for home-usage.

What is an AC power system?

AC is a real-time varying quantity and it has multiple implications.

It not only deals with the resistance of the material, but it also deals with the opposition which is offered by the inductive reactance of several transmission lines motors and transformers.

Also, the AC power systems are specially designed as three-phase systems and the user can easily deliver more power with the three-phase AC systems.

In the USA, the alternating current oscillates 60 seconds in a second, and remember that this is the electrical domain.

And in the mechanical domain, this will be connected to nearly 1700 rpm to 1800 rpm for a 4-pole generator.

Advantages of an AC Power System

  • AC power system has a very flexible system
  • AC Current tends to be widely used for power distribution
  • It can be easily converted to other voltages simply by using a transformer
  • The ac generators are easier to build than the DC generators. Because they don’t need brushes to build AC.

Disadvantages of an AC Power System

  • It is insecure and causes heart fibrillation
  • The system stability of the ac power system is very crucial

What is a DC power system?

The main purpose of a DC power system is to provide continuous DC power to the railroad, utilities, renewable, or any other device requiring DC power.

DC is used to charge batteries and is widely used in almost all electronic systems as the power supply.

DC power system is used to convert alternating current power to direct current power as well as to charge and maintain the backup battery system.

The conversion of AC to DC is rectification and the rectifier converts the AC supply into the DC supply at the load end connection. Check here to see how to convert DC to AC.

Also, the conversion of ac voltage into the dc voltage can be easily done manually or by using multiple online tools.

To convert it manually, use the following formula:

AC to DC:

DC = AC * 0.636

DC to AC:

AC = DC / 0.636

And by using the ac to dc conversion calculator, there is no need to solve the above equations manually.

All you need to do is simply put the values into the given fields and the calculator will instantly provide accurate results.

The important thing to remember is that the DC power systems also focus on monitoring and controlling the power that is being transferred to the device.

Advantages of DC Power System

  • The system of DC power is simple and easy to understand
  • It is highly suitable for HVDC transmission
  • It can be used to connect two different AC systems
  • It doesn’t fibrillate your heart just like the AC systems

Disadvantages of DC Power System

  • It is not suitable for distributing power
  • Electric power can’t be produced at a high level because of the commutation problem

AC or DC: Which one is better for home usage?

Both AC and DC can transfer electricity in such a way that the electricity arrives at its end location differs.

To conclude which one is better for home usage, first, just have a look at the power need of appliances and electronics for AC and DC.


Offices and houses receive electricity in the form of AC. It can change the direction and voltage from the higher to the lower current with the help of transformers

Every small and large appliance in your home from the T.V to the dishwasher is using the alternating current “AC”.


Mobile phones and other smart devices use the constant voltage of DC power supplied by using a battery.

The current of DC power systems is always flowing in the same direction.

It is used in many household electronics and all those devices that use batteries.

Which one is best for Home Usage?

DC power systems are best for moving maximum power at really high voltages and they’re normally not feasible for power distribution.

However, AC systems provide an easy way to deliver more power to remote users from remote power generating stations.

Also, the alternating current can easily transform voltages and it is the main reason that why we use AC instead of DC in the homes.

AC is best for homes because the AC voltages can be easily transformed to higher or lower voltages levels.

As we know that the high voltages are more efficient for transferring electricity to long distances, it has an advantage over the direct current.

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