Types of Water Pumps: How Sump Pump is Healthy for Home?


Interested to know the different types of water pumps/sump pumps for your house? You have reached the right place.  You can always check out options like The Bore Company as well. In this article we shall take you through some of the common domestic or household sump pumps as they refer to. These types of sump pumps help you to avoid any sort of climate hazards and other water wastage options.

Regardless of whether you store water from the monsoons or gather underground water, it is one of the essential things to install in the houses. Before you choose any of the sump pumps, take a look at the various types of these that are available in the market. Moreover, if you need expert professionals who can handle waterbore inspection, cleaning, and maintenance, we highly recommend you contact ACS Equip Bore Maintenance.

Types of water pumps:

1. Centrifugal pumps:

These types of pumps are used to force the water out with the help of an electric motor. They have the capacity to handle larger amount of water flow.

2. Submersible pumps:

Submersible pumps refer to underwater sump pumps. These are majorly bought by those who have wells or bore wells at home. The water pressure through a submersible pump uses less energy and helps in keeping the motor cool.

3. Pressure booster pumps:

These are used mainly to increase the water supply to homes. The motor increases the pressure of water supply. These are installed in areas where the water pressure is relatively low.

4. Shallow well pumps:

Shallow wells are widely used in rural areas. The suction capability of these pumps is up to 8 meters and these allow great capacity for the suction process. Shallow well pumps are easy to install too.

There are few more to name such as the self-prime regenerative pumps and bore well compressor pumps. 

Now that you have checked the various types of water pumps for household, it would also be wise to know the importance and reasons why sump pump is right option for home?

How sump pump is right option for home?

The enormous range of water pumps can offer you great help of day to day household chores and some are mentioned hereunder;

1. Heating and receiving hot water:

Don’t be surprised if you know there is a water pump that can offer you hot water whenever you need it. These pumps are attached to a heating motor that allows hot water supply from the tap in your kitchen/bathroom.

2. Circulation of water:

Water pumps are not installed only to receive water from the taps of your house. These are also used to collect and store the water so that these can be circulated to perform various other roles such as to the soil, gardening, and washing.

3. Outdoor activities:

Other than the storage, the water pumps are installed to perform the outdoor activities such as watering the plants, gardening, and car washing. The installation and maintenance is easy thus, most household have these installed at their property.

To find out the best type of water pump for your house, you will need to go to your nearest store or check more relevant topics online.

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