Five Benefits of Getting an Apartment for Rent


If you are thinking about upgrading from your studio apartment, a one-bedroom apartment for rent might suit you. From having a separate bedroom to having an affordable rent, a one-bedroom apartment for rent has many benefits.

If you add to all of the benefits of getting an apartment for rent and add the locations that you can get such an apartment, such as the city or a village, you will have a perfect time as a bachelor or as a married couple before having children. For example, you will get many options to choose from when you are looking for Hanoi apartments for rent.

Here is our list of the benefits of getting a apartment for rent.

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It is Affordable

Perhaps the best reason to upgrade to a apartment for rent is that it is affordable. The rent price of the apartment is set with one person in mind. This means that you can be expected to pay no more than two-thirds of your paycheck on Dubai property rent. If the rent exceeds this number, you will need to look for apartment with a lower rent.

Regardless, the rent will be even more affordable if you live with a spouse. Combine your monthly paycheck with his or her monthly paycheck and a rent designed for one person, and you have a very affordable apartment. This will be especially true if you are already making enough money to live by yourself in a apartment for rent.

It is Maintainableby One Person

You will not need to have another person living in your apartment for rent in order to maintain it. Though the dimensions of a apartment will be larger than a studio apartment, you will still be able to maintain it.

The kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and guest room will all be easily cleanable. This means that dusting, vacuuming and other maintenance will be easy, and you will not need any help. If you are looking to upgrade, but still want to live by yourself, this is a very good proposition.

It has Added Privacy

A apartment will usually come with a bedroom with some sort of door on it. This means that you can retreat from your company if you must have privacy. You can also shut the door to prevent noise from the guest room if you are trying to do work.

This is especially useful if you are having a guest stay overnight or for a longer period. You will be able to shut the door to provide a privacy barrier between you and the guest if you do not want to socialize with them or have work to take care of.

It has a Large Main Room

Unlike a studio apartment, which has a very small section for guests, an apartment for rent will have a comparatively spacious main room. With the right set of furniture, you can entertain up to six guests.

The downside to this is that those six guests would be in cramped space and might have to trip over one another as they move about the apartment. We recommend no more than four people depending on the size of your main room. Regardless of the situation, you will have space to have a small number of guests over if you would like.

It has Closet Space

As with a studio apartment, you will have closet space. Compared to the studio apartment, you will have a lot of closet space. You will usually have one clothing closet or wardrobe and one half-size closet in the main room. This will enable you to store many things that you are not actively using.

The closet space you are given in an apartment will also likely be larger than a studio apartment. With the right shelving and desk units, storing your belongings in a apartment will be very easy.


From closet space to the added value of personal privacy and space, a apartment is a good upgrade option from a studio apartment. With its affordability and maintainability, you should enjoy having a few guests over in your apartment for rent.

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