Top 5 Security Innovations For Your Home

Home security is very important for homeowners and this is reflected in the home security market where companies come up with many smart home options every year. Whether you’re home or not, these security innovations help you monitor your home, however, not all options are good for everybody so take a closer look at these security innovations before investing in a new security system for your home:

Smart Locks

Smart locks are perfect for people who tend to forget to lock the front door or for those who always worry they left the door open when they leave the house. With the smart locks, you can secure your door remotely by using an app.

Some security locks have additional features such as virtual guest keys, an option that allows you to give access to your home to certain people (you can select a day and time for this), or list of guests, a feature that allows you to see a list of people who entered your home – this is great for tracing suspects when you noticed something was broken or is missing from your house.

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are convenient but they are also great for security reasons. There’s no need to go to the door and peek through the viewfinder to see who’s at the door if you have video doorbells. These special doorbells are equipped with cameras and sensors that sense when there’s someone at your doorstep. When the person rings the doorbell, you get an alert on your phone or device and you can check who’s at the door.

Another great feature of these devices is the video streaming that is usually free. For additional charges, you can also review tapes or get access to other security features.

Security Camera

Security cameras are not new on the market, they’ve been around for years but the new ones come with amazing features that homeowners love. Some of the new features include live video feeds and the option of calling security using an app. Some cameras also allow homeowners to save videos straight on their phones and review them when they detect suspicious activity. Moreover, these days you also have the option of buying security cameras that can run on batteries and connect to the internet if you’re not a fan of the old wiring system required by old security cameras.

Wireless Driveway Alarm

Wireless driveway alarms use motion detection technology that gets activated when it detects movement around the house. The homeowner receives an alert when the sensor detects movement at odd hours or when someone is trying to enter the house. The alarm can be programmed to detect activity only during nighttime or when you’re not home.

Window Alarms

Thieves usually get in the house through first-floor windows so window alarms are great for home security. The current window alarms on the market are not only very loud but they can also alert homeowners on their phones. The switches can be activated and deactivated at your convenience.