Are Glass Railings Hard to Keep Clean?


Glass might be one of the most underrated innovations of mankind in our history. Sure, it was likely discovered on a beach somewhere, where lightning struck sand and formed glass. Though over many centuries, we figured out how to create and refine it, and today’s glass is clear and strong and very attractive. We use glass in almost every type of window created and all sorts of observation projects. We’re also using glass more and more for things like deck rails. Glass deck railing is really becoming popular due to the fact that it’s so attractive and also so easy to maintain.

So, for people asking if glass deck systems are actually hard to keep clean, the simple answer is no. Of course, this all depends on different factors. If you live in a rainy area, for instance, you might find mud splashed up and streaking down your glass railing constantly. This can be very frustrating. And let’s not get started on what all of those birds might do to it! Though in terms of maintaining this material, it is fairly simplistic. It’s just going to be tedious work that you will have to do on a regular basis.

Clean Glass Rails Much Like Windows

Be Thorough in Cleaning

You should be very thorough when cleaning your glass railings. Just think of them like your home’s windows. You don’t want to leave spots, and you don’t want to leave streaks. The only real difference here is that most glass deck railing setups are created with more layers of glass and are much stronger than your typical windows, so you can go to town scrubbing them without having to worry about them breaking or coming loose from their seal. Just be thorough here, and don’t shy away from that good old elbow grease.

Use a Quality Product

Quality products are going to help you achieve the cleanest glass; again, just like with washing the windows in your home. However, instead of that spray-bottle stuff, you can use something a lot more potent here. Depending on where your deck is located, your deck railings might be full up with caked-on mud, grease, and other sorts of gunk and debris that basic window cleaner wasn’t made to address. So, a good dish detergent can really help break through all of that stuff to give you that new, bright shine that your glass should have.

A Sponge and Paper Towels Work Great

Finding a good detergent to get your deck railings clean is only half of the equation here. You also need a good applicator to ensure that you can get the grime off. Remember, these are outdoor railings, often close to the ground, sometimes around kids that play or outdoor kitchens, etc., so they can get really filthy. Try a two-sided dish sponge. The scrub part can get the grime off, while the softer side helps you get rid of the streaks to bring the brilliance back to the glass. With an applicator like a dish sponge, you also won’t have to scrub the glass very hard at all. Though a lot of people use dish rags, or they might just spray their windows down with some sort of hose or a pressure washer and clean up with paper towels. We think sponges are the easiest, but there’s no rule here. Go with what works, and then dry with paper towels to avoid streaks.

Cover if Necessary

If you pay attention to the weather and you know when it’s going to be rainy and then muddy for a few days, what you could always do is go out there and cover up those railings that are exposed with a good tarp. You can find tarps for only a few dollars, and they’re very easy to fold, store and throw over your glass deck railings. For instance, if you have pets or kids who are going to splash mud up there, you can always just cover them up to prevent that sort of hard cleanup.

The goal here is to ensure that your glass deck stays looking shiny and new. Having them caked in mud and gunk sort of defeats the purpose of having the railing installed in the first place.

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