Tips for Designing a Custom Wardrobe


Although they are expensive, custom  sliding wardrobes have many advantages over ready-made closets. As the name suggests, you can choose the design, shape, materials, size, and finish that showcases your preferences.

A wardrobe is an integral unit of your home’s furniture, especially the bedroom. It allows you to store clothes, shoes, jewellery, and other treasured possessions. More importantly, it makes any space look organised. That said, its design can have a significant impact on the overall outlook of your premises.

This article explores the factors you need to consider when choosing a custom wardrobe. And click the next link if you need professional assistance when it comes to wardrobe design ballina.


Before anything, you need to decide how big or small your closet will be. While most people prefer large closets, it is wasteful if you don’t have enough items to fill it.

When you choose the right-sized closet, you can use space optimally, even if it is limited. This ensures that you have extra space for placing your bed, a desk, a chest drawer, and other pieces of furniture. Moreover, it can save you the money you would have otherwise used to purchase a freestanding closet.

Storage Needs

After choosing the right size, the next thing you need to consider is the type of items you want to keep inside it. For instance, if you want to store shoes, you will need to fit a shoe rack. If you have long outfits such as suits and sleeping robes, you have to install a hanging space.

The best design usually encompasses all types of storage spaces – hanging lines, drawers, and shelves. This way, you will never run out of options, regardless of the items you want to store.  Proper storage will be needed if you have been visiting Wardrobes NZ.


A custom closets include contemporary handles and rods, giving them a much more stylish appearance, as well as premium “Soft-Close” drawers for improved, silent, and smooth operation. Another factor to consider when constructing a custom closet is the material used.  Some of the common picks among homeowners include wood, laminates, and acrylic.

Experts recommend choosing a material that matches the room’s outlook. For instance, if you like a classic appearance, you can select wood, while those who prefer a contemporary feel can select acrylic and laminates. Regardless, ensure that you purchase a closet made of durable material so that you won’t have to make frequent replacements.


Nothing is as frustrating as having to spend hours looking for your favourite outfit. Think about this – it’s cold, and you have to dig through a heap of clothes to find a jacket that will keep you warm. Infuriating, isn’t it?

Designing your closet ergonomically makes it easy to find the clothes you want to wear. It also helps with organisation. Some ways to improve ergonomics include placing the shelves above the hanging space and the shoe rack near the bottom.

Door Style

Many homeowners tend to overlook the style of their wardrobe’s door, not knowing that it has a significant on their bedroom’s décor. Some of the options you can choose from include standard hinged doors, sliding doors, and automated doors.

Standard hinge doors are cheap but require large spaces to enable them to open efficiently. On the other hand, sliding doors are ideal for people with constrained spaces and those who love intricate designs. Automated doors are the most expensive of the lot, but they make up for the extra cost by offering unrivalled convenience.


The last factor to consider when designing a bespoke wardrobe is the type of accessories you want to install. For instance, you could want to add hooks, hangers, mirrors, or even a chest of drawers. Generally, rounded mirrors are suitable for smaller spaces, while rectangular ones are best suited for spacious rooms.


If you have enough cash, it is advisable to choose a custom closet over a ready-made wardrobe. They offer more flexibility, as you can pick the size, design, material, and accessories you want to install.  Lastly, they enable you to use your space optimally, a perk that you can’t enjoy if you buy a closet straight from the dealer.


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