Why You Shouldn’t DIY Garage Door Repair


There are many DIY projects you can do around the house without a high risk of injury. But fixing your garage door is not one of them. According to Aladdin Garage Doors, DIY attempts lead thousands of homeowners each year right to pinching, crushing and laceration injuries. You can even die from your attempts to fix these dangerous parts, something better left to garage door repair professionals.

You should just never attempt garage door repair on your own that is why we highly recommend you click the link for emergency door repairs Gold Coast. We look at some of the reasons why, below.

Dangerous Torsion Springs Can Injure and Kill

Your garage door has one of two available spring systems. These include extension and torsion systems. The most dangerous are torsion springs, those placed horizontally above the garage door, helping to pull the door up from the ground. When these springs are wound up, they store energy. If it breaks or experiences other damage, the spring rapidly unwinds and unpredictably flails.

People hit by one of these released torsion springs suffer serious injury and sometimes death. It can cut into your flesh, get caught in hair, break bones, cause internal bleeding or inflict head trauma. These potential injuries and the general risks associated with torsion springs are reason enough to call the garage door repair professionals.

You Can Cause More Damage

If you do not have experience fixing garage doors or the right tools to do the job, you could cause more harm than good. There are many ways to make mistakes in these repairs. Just one such mistake can greatly increase the cost of the professional’s services. Even worse, trying to DIY without experience can lead to damage to your belongings inside your garage, such as your vehicle. It is never a good idea to attempt these repairs on your own.

Most People Do Not Have the Necessary Tools

Most repair projects on a garage door require specific tools that are not in the average homeowner’s toolbox. Sure, you could search for these tools and purchase them. But you will only use them once, therefore wasting a lot of money. Trying to adapt the tools you have is extremely dangerous. Doing so can injure you, ruin the tools and damage the door.

Instead of the additional expense and extreme risk, simply call your local pros for help.

Your Garage Door Can Fall

A garage door weighs several hundred pounds. If it falls, the best-case scenario is for the door to only get damaged itself. But too often, these falling doors crush people, crack the floor and damage personal belongings. In fact, this is one of the most common mishaps occurring when homeowners try to DIY their garage door repairs.

Just imagine what can happen if you, one of your family members or a pet are struck by a falling garage door. This is reason enough to call professionals for help.

You May Not Fix the Right Problem

Garage door maintenance and repair requires some advanced knowledge about these systems. Sure, you can watch videos online to try to learn about repair needs. But if you do not target the right problem or do not understand how the door’s parts function, you can fix the wrong problem.

One of the biggest issues is a DIYer working on the effects or symptoms of the issue, not the main issue, itself. This means your time and money spent on tools are both wasted, and the door remains problematic. Instead of spending your time going in circles and not properly repairing your door, just call the professionals.

It Is Easy to Use Incorrect Parts

Your garage door is probably not the same as your neighbor’s. Each brand and type has different parts. If you do not know the intricacies of your specific garage door and you follow improper guidance, such as a YouTube video, you are likely to buy incorrect parts. Although even the wrong parts can seem to work for some time, they will eventually cause the problem to return.

Your garage door maintenance and repair specialist has the right parts in stock or available to them for your specific type of door.

It Can Cost You More, Not Saving Your Money

If you want to DIY your door repairs to save money, you might want to think again. You will have to buy the right tools, replacement parts and other materials. If you make a mistake in your attempts at fixing it yourself, this can cost you even more. This means you may very well spend more to try to DIY than to have the pros do the work for you. Remember, they already own the tools, have access to the right parts and know precisely how to fix the problem.

Your Repairs May Not Be Permanent

Fixing your garage door on your own can mean your repairs are unreliable. You may think you fixed the issue but only fix the symptoms. This means your underlying problem remains and gets worse as you continue using the door. In fact, faulty repairs are frequently dangerous. Not having the right knowledge puts you automatically in the position of improperly diagnosing the issue. Enlist the pros to avoid property damage, costly door replacement and personal injury.

You May Have to Replace Your Door after Your DIY Attempts

Did you know that many garage door DIYers end up making the problem worse? Just damaging one part or improperly installing another can cause major malfunctions. Your garage door can easily stop working. In the process of trying to repair it without the right knowledge, you may have to buy an entirely new garage door system. Instead of risking the higher costs of buying a new door, just call the repair pros in your area for the right solution.

The Garage Door Maintenance and Repair Pros Are Here to Help

Instead of attempting to fix your garage door problem yourself, focus on other DIY projects around your home. Maybe you want to learn more about the door system or its working parts. But trying to do the work yourself can easily make you one of the tens of thousands of people in the country injured by garage door maintenance each year. Instead of risking injury, property damage or even death, you know what to do. Call the professionals for safe, correct, effective and time-saving repairs for your garage door.

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