Things You Should Know About The Pantry Pests

Having noticed moths in your four? Found beetles in your wheat berries? Are these insects making you go out of your mind? Don’t worry. Every one of us has faced this problem at least once in our life. Some tips can put these pests roaming in your kitchen cabinets in Toronto under strict lockdown. Want to know how that is possible? Well, just take a look at the following section of this article and you will know for sure.

What Are These Bugs?

Also known as the dried product pests, pantry pests have an appetite for the processed and dried food products. You guessed it right. You can find these critters in your pantry if there is any food item. The most common types of bugs that you get to see in your kitchen area are small beetles, weevils and moths.

Even though they are annoying and can infest your food ingredients, pantry pests are not dangerous per se. These pests do not sting or bite and they do not damage your home as well.

The Clean Kitchen Problem

Most people think that keeping the kitchen clean is the secret of keeping pests at bay. It is one of the most ill-conceived ideas that people bear in their mind. The pests can make their ways into one of the most spotless CozyHome Cabinets in Toronto.

Even if you make sure that your kitchen does not have any pests at the moment, they can take entry to your kitchen cabinets at any time. The pests can ride food ingredients right from the warehouse or the processing plants. So, there is nothing you can’t do about it.

Food Items That Attract Pests The most

Most of the common pantry pests love to eat the grains, cereals and processed food items. That means you can get to see pests in your rice and flour quite often. Other than that, the beans, nuts, lentils, and spices also get infested by these pests.

When it comes to food, these pests are rarely picky eaters. Any dried food item that you store in the room temperature can attract these pests. The opened packages that do not get sealed well are the main attracting points for most of these pests. Saying that, don’t get astonished if you see these pests roaming about inside your unopened package.

Should You Worry If You Spot a Couple of Bugs?

If you see a couple of beetles roaming about in places where you don’t store any food items, then it is not a thing that you should worry about. However, if you notice these bugs on your countertop or near the pantry, you should worry a little. Noticing these pests by the side of an open window that is not the main source of natural light is also quite worrying. In this case, you should take a stern look at your pantry ingredients as well as the unopened packages to check if there’s an infestation.

Noticed a Bug


Let’s say you have noticed a bug in your packet of rice, what should you do? Throw out the packet of course.

Once that’s done, check the condition of other packages that were kept by the side of the first one. Use a flashlight if it is necessary. If you can’t see the bottom of a package, then pour the contents of the packet on a baking sheet, and check it thoroughly. If you can’t spot anything, then the infestation might be an isolated incident and you should stop worrying about it.

If you are still not sure and don’t want to take any chances, then you can put all the packages into the freezer for three to four days. You can also heat the ingredients in an oven at 140 degrees F for a couple of hours. These methods will kill any hidden insect or eggs.

How to Get Rid of The Colony of Pests?

There is no need to hit the panic button if you spot an infestation. Take a deep breath and come down first. Once you have got your wits back on track, empty the pantry right away. Throw all the infested ingredients and vacuum the shelves thoroughly. Pay special attention to the corners and the sides of the shelves. Wash the shelves with soapy water and pat them dry. Before returning the remaining packets to your pantry, inspect them thoroughly.

What If You Ate a Couple of Bugs?

What if you only notice the bugs after taking a bite of your meal? Don’t worry. The pantry pests are not poisonous. Accidentally eating a couple of bugs will not harm your health in any way.

All in all, the longer you keep a product in your custom kitchen cabinets in Toronto, the higher the chances are for an infestation. So, make sure not to store the ingredients more than a certain time. Follow the first in, first out order and clean your kitchen often, and the bugs will stay out of your kitchen for good.