Decorative Elements to make the Home more Welcoming


If you dream of a welcoming home environment, you cannot miss the advice contained in this article. Did you know that by adding some specific decorative elements to the house, you can transform it into a more comfortable environment?

You are about to discover which decorative elements can be useful to achieve the style you want. Remember that the house must be your refuge and the place to welcome your guests. We invite you to discover some simple but impressive ideas.

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Decorative elements for a cozy home


Pillows are an invitation to rest. Create a play of colors with some leftover fabric. Pillows help transform a home into a welcoming environment. It might sound silly, but it’s not – pillows help guests get comfortable and feel welcome. So, don’t hesitate to add them to your decorative elements.

You could arrange cushions of different sizes on the armchairs or use the patchwork technique to make them starting from strips of fabric or from disused clothing you have at home.

Another nice idea? You could make large pillows with bright prints and place them on top of each other in a corner of the living room. When you have many guests, you can make them sit on these.

If you have children, you could recreate a reading corner using the crib mattress or another mattress you no longer use; you could place different colored cushions on it so as to offer a comfortable corner where children can immerse themselves in their favorite books.

Sources of light

A decorative element of great importance to recreate a welcoming environment is light. Choose curtains that let in natural light and that can open completely. It is equally important to know how to choose the lights and lamps to be installed in the home.

Very often we don’t pay attention to the type of light or the chandeliers and this is a mistake. Lighting is the secret to making a room cozy. Buy warm light bulbs.

As for lamps, a floor lamp for reading can be perfect next to an armchair. You could also play with lights to illuminate specific corners, such as a library or a painting.

How about adding a dimmable lamp in the living room? A lava lamp or candles? These options offer soft light and are perfect for adding warmth to a bedroom.

Decorative elements in wood

The wooden furniture and warm tones are great for recreating a welcoming environment. Wood is one of the materials most often used to recreate a welcoming environment.

You could also play around with colors a bit. All shades of brown, orange and yellow will give a unique touch to the space. Also choose wicker for both furniture and baskets to give an extra touch.

Rugs are unique decorative elements

You can choose them in neutral colors, but we advise you to opt for warm tones. Pay particular attention to where you decide to put the rugs: under an armchair, in the reading corner or under the bed. The idea is to invite you to a moment of relaxation.

Blankets for a cozy atmosphere

The blankets, combined with colorful pillows and other decorative elements, invite you to relax. Sheets and blankets are indispensable decorative elements. You can fold them on one edge of the chair or leave them resting on one side: the effect will be extraordinary! Who wouldn’t want to sit in your armchair with pillows and blankets?

The advice is to play with colors, with materials (fabrics or imitation leather) and with patterns. Unleash your imagination and give the room a pop of color by adding blankets.

Add personal details to make the home more welcoming

Paintings and photos help us personalize the house and usually attract the attention of guests! Choose your best photos and display them for everyone to see. It will also be a good idea to remember all the good things you have in life. We recommend that you decorate the photo frames to your liking, to give them a more personal touch.

Decorate with plants for a more welcoming home environment

Use plants with or without flowers to create a different atmosphere in the house. Indoor plants help give color to your home. There is a wide variety of them, even some that do not require watering or special care and are ideal if you don’t have a green thumb (or think you do). Think about it: a plant can breathe new life into a living room or decorate a high table.

Play with the curtains

Choose the most suitable curtains for your home. In general, you have to consider that the curtains must let some light through, at least in the common areas. What do you think of the curtains with the prints? These decorative objects give a play of light and give the house a totally different air.

If you know how to paint, you could even customize the curtains yourself, with a fabric paint and with shapes to be drawn freehand or found on the internet. The curtain does not need to be full of prints – a small detail can be enough to give a new look to the living room.


Do you already have in mind the changes you would like to make to make your home even more welcoming? You could vary our ideas with photographs, paintings and everything you like to give your personal style!

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