The Ultimate Guide to Flooring – Everything You Need to Know

Flooring is the core of the interior decoration theme that can make or break the space. The type, material, and color you choose for flooring would be the most important design decision.

It brings color and character to the space, therefore, choose one that complements your style. Novices can benefit from this guide about the ultimate flooring.

The Ultimate Guide to Flooring

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Types of Flooring

There are different types of flooring available offering affordability, comparative quality, and durability.

  • Laminate – Laminate is reasonably priced and easy to clean and install. If well cared for, they may last 10 to 20 years. It looks similar to hardwood with an affordable price range. Laminate flooring adds little value to the house upon resale.
  • Hardwood – This classic flooring adds great sale value to the property. The homeowner gets multiple options when it comes to plank sizes and stains. Can be sanded down and refinished, so, this flooring may last for several decades. Hardwood flooring is difficult and expensive to install.
  • Tile – Though tiles work for any room, they are commonly installed in bathrooms or spaces with quite a bit of moisture. They are impervious to water and with proper care and maintenance, may last many years. Tiles can be a bit slippery to walk when wet.
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) – The upgraded LVT is luxurious, safer, more beautiful, and easy to install. It is waterproof, scratch, and dent-resistant available in a variety of styles, textures, and sizes.
  • Bamboo – Bamboo is rich, beautiful, and similar in appearance to hardwood. Owing to its renewability, these floors are stronger, durable, and eco-friendly.
  • Marble – High-end, posh, and chic are some of the words that describe marble flooring. These floors do require polishing from time to time to look their best.
  • Concrete – Concrete floors are durable enough to survive just about anything. These floors can be painted, polished, or stained to suit the interior decoration scheme.

Flooring Colors & Patterns

Common colors include grey, blond wood, white, patterned, brown wood, and black & white.

Best Flooring For Kitchen – Kitchen is a high-traffic area, susceptible to spills, scraping chairs, and falling pans. Therefore, experts recommend tiles and LVT as both are water-resistant and tough.

Best Flooring For Bathroom – Bathroom walls and floor withstand steam, wet footprints, and spilled water. Therefore, LVT or Tile flooring is the best option for the bathroom as well.

Best Flooring For Living Room – There is a myriad of options available for living space, so, it comes down to personal preferences. Laminate, hardwood, LVT, tile, or carpet tile is fit for the living room.

Best Flooring For Bedroom – This area is all about comfort and style, if the homeowner is not limited by budget, pick hardwood, otherwise go for affordable options like Laminate and LVT.

Best Flooring For Hallways – Experts recommend durable, long-lasting flooring like hardwood or tile for these high-traffic areas.

Best Flooring For Basement – Carpet tiles, LVT, and tiles are suggested flooring types for the basement.


Flooring adds color and style to the aesthetic of the space, however, no homeowner wants to end up with something that needs to be regularly refreshed. Research and choose wisely from different flooring types and colors.