8 Tips on How to Clean a Garbage Disposal


Disposing of garbage properly is not enough, clean and maintain the garbage disposal to keep the environment clean. It is advised to clean your garbage disposal at least twice a week or once a week when you are super careful about what goes in the garbage disposal.

Cleaning garbage disposal is something we find more annoying than doing the dishes. That’s the reason why we keep delaying it until it starts polluting the air. If you have been delaying it as well, here are a few game-changing tips;

Clean it quite often

It’s getting harder to clean garbage disposal when it gets dirtiest. However, if it is not that dirty or smelly, cleaning garbage disposal would be a less hectic job. So to be always ready to clean a garbage disposal, maintain it well.

Try making a cleaner with baking soda and white vinegar

Baking soda and white vinegar are the two kitchen ingredients that have got cleaning agents. Take a cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda, mix it well. Apply, let it sit for a while, run cold water, there your job is done!

Do not throw lemon, orange, tangerine, and grapefruit peels away

Do not throw citrus fruits peels when you can use them for good; as a disposal deodorizer. Cut the peels into small pieces, throw them in the garbage disposal, turn on the garbage disposal and let them grind through it. It will refreshen the garbage disposal up.

Try removing larger items manually

If you do not want your garbage disposal to clog or develop a foul odour, try removing larger items manually. Glove up and get set on a cleaning mission.

Let ice cubes and rock salt do their magic

Ice cubes can not only have the power to freshen us up, they can refreshen the garbage disposal as well. To let them do the cleaning job for you, add a cup of rock salt to the ice cubes, throw them in the garbage disposal, and let the cold water run through them.

Pour some hot water

Pouring hot water in the garbage disposal also make the cleaning job easy. If you keep pouring hot water into the garbage disposal, the garbage disposal would not clog or get dirty at all.

Consider borax to clean garbage disposal to perfection

Borax is one forgiving invention that is used in most cleaning products. It can be used to clean garbage disposal as well. All you have to do is sprinkle four of five tablespoons in the garbage disposal and turn on the cold water, it will wash off the food particles without any hassle.

Flush garbage well

Food particles stick to the pipe when they are not flushed properly. If they remain stuck, get hardened and become difficult to remove. So whenever you throw garbage in the garbage disposal, flush it well to keep it clean.

If none of the above-mentioned tips has helped you, that’s not a DIY project. Search garbage cleaning service near me and hand over the job to reliable hands.

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