The Three Levels of Home Cleaning: A Must Know for Homeowners


Cleaning the house is an essential part of home living. On most occasions, parents are the ones cleaning the house, and sometimes with the family members.

If you often clean your home, you might think that it is already free from germs and any dirt particles. However, some more particles, such as human or pet hairs, will slip through tiny holes and areas that are hard to reach. Another example is dead skin because little did we know that our body regenerates new cells from time to time. From there, dead skins fall of our body without noticing it, and it will thrust into furniture, cabinetry, and appliances. If you advocate eco-friendly cleaning, we recommend you try Tea Trees eco cleaning products. 

For a more effective method to clean your house, you would need to use the best home cleaning equipment and devices. has made it available for you, and you can check it out now.

House cleaning services bowie md fall into 3 different levels: surface, general, and deep cleaning. You might ask, “What are the differences between the three cleaning levels of home cleaning?”

1. Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning, also known as the casual cleaning process, is to remove waste piles and arrange all the objects that you can find in your house, and to sweep away particles of dust settled under the sheets, beds, household parts, and appliances. As easy as a casual dust-up, mopping, sweeping the floorboard, wiping the countertops, and all such light-cleaning practices, even young children would love to do it.

2. General Cleaning

General cleaning is very similar to surface cleaning, which is intended to ensure a certain degree of cleanliness throughout the property. The only distinction is that general cleaning involves cleaning nearly the whole portion of the house from top to bottom, as compared to surface cleaning, which is focused only on accessible surfaces. 

It is more effective by using an extra pair of hands systematically (team-cleaning). It’s a perfect chance for the family to come together as a team to hit the target of cleaning the home. The cleaning team consists of four functions, including the trash collector, the vacuum cleaner, and the floor cleaner, and the utility.

You should delegate a role to anyone in the house that matches their skills, particularly for young children. And with relatively dangerous and stressful jobs, such as high parts of the property that a family member cannot do, you should call in professionals to help avoid accidents.

3. Deep Cleaning

On the other hand, deep cleaning is more intense. It involves removing all densely-seated dirt and smudge to get rid of the germs and bacteria that are deeply embedded. It typically utilizes a portion that is not handled daily. Therefore, deep cleaning your house every week is always a good idea.

Deep cleaning involves diligent preparation and procedures. Whether you hire a regular cleaning service or do it with your family, deep cleaning at home is an all-consuming job to consider. Additionally, it includes finding insect pests behind chairs and cabinets, cleaning showerheads and faucets, brushing around furnaces, scrubbing floors under carpets, and sweeping around floorboards, walls, and glass panels. Finally, deep cleaning is the best way to empty everything and to disinfect the surfaces inside and out. And occasionally, you need to open the appliances for a more effective way of cleaning them.

What are the benefits of applying different cleaning methods?

Pretty obvious as it may seem, general studies approve that cleaning the house more often has surprising benefits to our living condition. Thus includes:

  • Lowers stress level and fatigue
  • It improves eating habit
  • Reduces allergy and sensitivity
  • Controls the spread of germs and microbes
  • Boosts safety level in the house
  • Drives away pests and diseases


For every homeowner, nothing is better than going home to a livable and clean house.

Now that you know the three levels of home cleaning, you would want to share it with your family. You could accolade a date to commit to the task of cleaning your home and then go for a picnic after. It could be biweekly or once a month.

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