The Right Home Renovations for Summer

Something we realized as a species a few centuries ago is that the amount of land on which we can build new houses is finite. You can’t simply go to some location and start building a home. Not only is territory controlled by governments or private owners, but it’s a very scarce resource that’s becoming harder and harder to find, the more our species expands.

So instead of just switching homes a lot, most people decide to perform renovations, which is a much quicker, more affordable way to turn your current home into your dream home. By undertaking a few projects and sprucing things up, you can get a lot more style and comfort, and even a lot more value from your home.

During the summer months, most people are thinking about things like vacations and sunning themselves on beaches. Though if you’ve been entertaining the idea of home renovations, you might be surprised to learn that summer is absolutely the best time for them. Here are a few renovation ideas for this summer that are relatively easy and affordable but still entirely transformative.

5 Renovations Ideal for the Summer Season

DIY painting a room

1: Exterior Fixes

Other than random afternoon thunderstorms, the weather in summer seems to be pretty clear and free from that nasty sort of stuff typically found in the fall and winter seasons. This step means if you need to do some roofing, put up some shutters, fix the porch or do some siding, summer is the ideal season to make this happen. Plus, you get a lot more daylight. With a few extra hours per day to work, the job itself can be done in fewer days overall, which means you get done with the work and back to enjoying your summer.

2: Windows

The same thing that’s beneficial about doing exterior home renovations is valid for doing the windows in your home. The entirety of this job is done with open gaps in your home, until which point the new windows are in place. So, you’re obviously going to need some good weather outside. Plus, once the windows are complete, summer is the perfect season to sit back and enjoy that bright sun as it shines through your brand new windows.

3: Outdoor Living Spaces

To renovate doesn’t always mean to redo existing features. It can also mean to add to something. With outdoor living spaces, you may be adding something entirely new, but we all know that summer is the perfect time to enjoy these unique renovations. Putting up a lovely patio for an outdoor kitchen space, with something like a fire pit, is a great touch to add during the summer. Imagine how many nights you can spend back there in peace and tranquility, enjoying the weather and ambiance of your own yard.

4: Bathrooms

The reason why bathrooms are so ideal for handling in the summer is that this is the best time of year to find deals and discounts on things like tile, toilets, vanities, and other features that you will need for a bathroom renovation. It’s also the time of year where most people get vacation time. Sure, a lot of people would rather be on a beach, but you can use this year’s vacation funds for a bathroom remodel and reward yourself for years and years to come.

5: HVAC Elements

Another pretty good renovation idea here during the summer will be to get your HVAC systems installed if you need to. Because heating is such an important part of these systems, most of the business from these companies is taking place during the cold-weather months. This process means they’re selling their items for a much lower price, generally speaking, during the summer months, so there’s an added financial incentive here for deciding to take care of your HVAC needs during the summer. It’s an excellent time to get that centralized system finally.

Truthfully, you can do any sort of renovation at any time of year. Nothing is holding you back except contacting the right contractors for the job. Though in the summer months like we’re in now, the projects listed above might be an excellent place to start.