Here’s how you can get the perfect humble abode


Who does not want to live in a house with an outstanding curb appeal, spacious rooms, and comfy pieces of furniture? Many of us have a deep-down desire to convert our homes into the perfect humble abode that we see in the magazines. Stylish kitchen, bathrooms with all amenities, and trendy curtains appeal to everyone, and living in such a house is a dream for many. The truth is, despite having a strong desire, we do not pursue it. Some of us let go of our goal because we do not possess sufficient money or do not know about it.

People interpret a perfect humble abode as per their liking and understanding. The most common definition is a cozy house with a stylish structure, having not only utilities but also several amenities. Similarly, bear in mind that you would want to stay somewhere else while renovating your house with all the new changes. There can also be other reasons why a need to stay somewhere else might arise, such as relocating to a new region or some unavoidable difficulties. In such scenarios, people look for corporate housing services that come with amenities as well. Therefore, if you are planning to relocate or renovate your current house and want to stay at a place for the time, such solutions can be beneficial.

You can stay at a friend or relative’s house, but that is too much to ask for a favor. While you can look around for some options, some prefer living in homes with all the facilities. If you are willing to get a place to stay in Texas, Oilfield housing is a place for you as they offer homes with amenities at a reasonable price. Therefore, if you plan to relocate or renovate your house in haste, such corporate houses can be helpful.

Now that you are well aware of a place to stay at, you can quickly get your house renovated and live carefree in the corporate house. Now, let us dive back to our discussion of achieving the perfect home;

Below we are listing a few ideas that will help you get your perfect humble abode:

1. Lighting

Bright spaces ooze warmth and give the space a fresh feel. Adding different sources of adjustable lighting helps in alleviating designated areas. For example, cabinets with built-in lights make them prominent. Similarly, LED lights on the borders of a mirror turn it into a decorative piece. You can also opt for a chandelier in your lounge as it will not only brighten up space but also give it a luxurious touch.

2. Alluring Exterior

The outer look of the house is the first thing anyone notices. If it has a curb appeal, it leaves a pleasant impression of inhabitants. The alluring exterior does not necessarily mean extravagant driveways or spacious lush lawns. A fresh coat of neat pain can add value to your property and give it a new life. You can also put a giant welcoming decorative piece on the entryway, or incorporate some greenery on the outer wall or fence to make it more appealing.

3. Accessories

Choosing accessories for your home is tricky because if you go overboard with them, you might end up messing up the place. You can select a theme and decorate your house according to it, or you may have neutral walls and have colorful cushions and rugs. You can give your home a personalized touch by converting one of the walls into an art wall and hang your children’s artwork or family photographs. There are no set rules of setting and selecting accessories, and it all comes down to your creativity. But you need to be careful and select them as per space in your homes.

4. Double-Duty Furniture

A perfect humble abode has all the necessary furniture pieces, but many of us live in compact houses that do not offer much space. Two-in-one kind of furniture items is ideal for small spaces. You can find trendy sofa cum beds, folding chairs, and tables, storage tables, or multi-functional closets in the market. These items are stylish, serve the purpose, and use minimum space. You can place a dining table in the living room and use it for other purposes too. A compact home full of furniture pieces is far from a perfect humble abode, whereas a house having sufficient pieces and enough space is an ideal house.


Your home is a space where you come to unwind after spending an exhausting day. It should be welcoming and peaceful. Making changes and adding a few items can create a fresh aura and give your old house a modern touch. Sprucing up your home is all about innovation, and it has no limits. You can play with your mind and turn your house into a perfect humble abode.

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