The Process for Landscape Design in Denver CO (5 Things to Know)


Landscape designers spend their time working on designing small areas of the landscape. If you’re looking to do something with your land then you might be wondering about Denver landscape design. There are many things to note when it comes to landscape design and knowing what to expect can help the process go much smoother. We’re going to go through some important things to know about the process when thinking about hiring a landscape designer. Let’s see if Denver landscape design is for you. This information is presented by our landscaping team. We are one of the top Denver landscape companies.

What Is The Process Of Landscape Designing?

Denver Landscape design is a process that includes a few essential steps that are done every time a landscape designer is hired. Landscape designing can seem both stressful and fun, but knowing exactly what to expect after you hire a landscape designer will make the process go smoother. Here are the five main steps to the process of landscape designing.

1. Site Analysis

The very first step in landscape design is site analysis. The site analysis is where the landscape designer will see the land they’ll be working with. This is where the landscape designer will analyze the land looking at everything from sun exposure, shading, soil types, flood areas, amount of space available, nearby greenery, and more. This step is important because it allows the designer to know what’s possible for the land.

Sometimes we have plans and visions for the area, but the land might not be suitable for those requests. The landscape designer helps with making sure that the environment is suitable for landscape changes. This will also help the designer to see what designs your landscape will thrive with due to the particular conditions.

2. Figuring Out What The Client Wants

Once the landscape designer has analyzed the land they have knowledge about the area and what is appropriate for the land. Once they determine this, then they will ask the client what their wants and needs are. This is when the client will give a list of desires and let the landscape designer know what their priorities are for the land. The client’s budget and amount of space will help determine if everything the client wants can be done.

This is a great time for the landscape designer to get to know the client to create a space that works for them. A landscape designer’s goal is to bring to life the vision of the client as best as possible.

3. Coming Up With A Functional Design

Coming up with a design is the start of the hardest part. The first part of a design plan is coming up with a functional design. This would include areas such as an eating area, pool, or garden. These areas have a function and might need specific areas and climates in order to properly thrive. For example, a garden would need to be placed near water and sunlight. This is a great time to see how much space you have and what is doable.

4. Coming Up With A Conceptual Design

This design element is mostly about the greenery that the client wants. This is the time when the landscape designer can place flowers, bushes, trees, and even grass. This will fill in the rest of the space around your functional pieces. The landscape designer will work on visual aspects during this phase. This is a great time to explain to the designer what your goals for the greenery are and what particular aspects you’d like.

5. Finalizing A Plan

Lastly, the landscape designer needs to finalize a plan that works for them and the client. This phase is where the landscape designer will make a plan which shows grass areas, functional pieces, greenery, and accurate detailed measurements for all of it. This lays out a real scale image and plan of the area which ensures that everything will be concise and fit properly. This is the final step before the actual physical work begins. This is the time for the client to look at the design and make any necessary changes to it. Once the client approves of the design plan, then action will be taken to get the plan in motion and bring it to life.

Should I Get Denver Landscape Designing Done?

If you’re wondering if you need Denver landscape design, well, if you’re looking to have an outdoor area revamped then you need a landscape designer. Landscape designers can do anything from designing a small area of your land, to redoing your entire front and back yard. Redoing your landscape can make the biggest difference to your home and really let you understand what’s doable with your land.

It’s important to never do any landscape changes or design yourself as it takes an experienced professional to understand the land, flood risks, and other issues that might arise during landscape designing. It’s best to always contact a Denver landscape design company in order to start with your site analysis and get started with your design process.

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