Paint Pump Industry

In the past times, only men are capable of doing such work but the advancement of machinery was invented and made many processes easy and time-saving for the man. The resulting product was also appreciated. Same as in the Paint Pump Industries, many pumps are designed to save time as well as cost. Paint pumps are now widely used all over the world for many purposes.

This industry made the work easy to paint the objects. The object gets painted in seconds with quality work. Modern pumps are being used in the different industries such as the following;

  • Automobile industry.
  • Furniture and fixtures.
  • Iron Casting Industry

Where does it work?

In Automobile Industries, the body parts are a painted with the help of Paint Pump. Because it is easy, less costly, and time-saving.

In Furniture and fixtures, Paint Pumps are used to paint wooden doors, windows, chairs, and tables.

One of the major uses of Paint Pumps is, Iron Industry uses these pumps to paint their products which are, Iron doors, windows, stands, cylinders, and many other products.


There are many categories of paint pumps offered by many paint pump industries, these pumps are distinguished on the basis of functions, pressure, and mechanism.

Distinguished By Functions;

  1. Atomization
  2. Paint Circulation
  3. Fluid Transfer

Distinguished By Power:

  1. Electric Pump
  2. Hydraulic Pump
  3. Pneumatic Pump

Distinguished By Pressure;

  1. High (3001psi to 8500psi)
  2. Standard (501psi to 3000psi)
  3. Low (1psi to 500psi)

Distinguished By Mechanism;

  1. Piston pump
  2. Diaphragm pump
  3. Positive displacement pump

How You Can Choose the Right Paint Pump For the Right Job?

Here we discuss the accurate and precise selection of the Paint Pump, it depends on the work nature, and your need. These can be following;

  • Flow purposes
  • Application purposes
  • Coating purposes.

So, buy a paint pump now

Flow Purpose

Flow purpose is like coating type. But the paint pressure and its viscosity will be defined according to the surface to be painted.

Application Purposes

This kind of paint pump is usually used in painting wooden products. The fishing industry also uses paint pumps depending upon the frequency they need.

Coating Purposes

This is the most use of these pumps all over the world. Industries that want to paint the surfaces like automobiles, iron casting. The surfaces which are to be painted define how much viscosity they require for good quality coating and reliable life.

Extra Tools being used along the Paint Pump

The usage of Paint Pumps in different industries requires a number of additional tools which are necessary for efficient and effective usage of Paint Pumps. These tools include Fluid and air filters, regulators, tanks, and spray tanks indeed.

Paint and pump with surface;

As we have discussed there are different types of paint pumps, but we have to select the pump regarding our need and the surface to be painted. The steps are below kept under view for selecting right pump and color;

  • Suction to be flooded.
  • Temperature must be in 115F to 125F.
  • Viscosity differs from 100 SSU to 25000 SSU or even higher than this.
  • Flow of paint per second can be from one gallon to hundred gallons sometimes.
  • For second coat, it will take 24 hours to get dry and after that other paint, the coating can be made.

Preventions for Safe Work

There should be a few precautions that should be considered for safe and efficient work.

Firstly check the power wires either they are connected or they are loose. If they are not tight the pump will malfunction. While spraying, there will be the possibility of getting discharge line closed, do not use excessive pressure, avoid it. Keep using the safety valve in the line to avoid clogging. Use glasses to prevent the eyes from any damage. Paint check the paint viscosity and then adjust the pressure in accordance with paint and surface.

Benefits of Using Paint Pumps

The Paint Pump Industry is working for the advancement in pumps. These pumps can perform the work of many persons alone only with one handler. They save time and energy. Easy to use, handle and do an efficient job within the reasonable time. Paint Pumps are easily available in markets. Or else you can order from Online.