The number on the apartment door


How to choose a beautiful number for the apartment door? You should know that the number on the entrance door of the apartment is an indispensable attribute of any dwelling. This element is a kind of element of navigation, which allows a stranger to find the necessary residential facility. Manufacturers produce such products in various configurations, colors and materials. Also different models may differ in the way they are fixed to the door unit. Door figures to indicate your own house or apartment is not necessary to buy in a store. You can make them yourself.

Types of door license plates

After buying a suitable product, the question of how to properly fix it on the door leaf. Depending on the type of numbers there are self-adhesive, screw-on, hanging products – the latter are often produced in the form of plates. Fixation also affects the material of the door. For example, on a tree you can glue and screw the number, and on the door, covered with leather – only glued.


The most common option for door license plates is on a self-adhesive base. Such numbers are very easy to install themselves without the help of a tool. Glue the number on the door should be when its surface is completely degreased:

  1. The place for the sticker is wiped with a weak solvent.
  2. The numbers are placed on the door and traced with a simple pencil.
  3. On the reverse side, the protective film is removed and the product is applied to the intended location.

If the self-adhesive backing does not hold the material well enough, it is necessary to go over the surface with glue. Residue can be removed with a cloth soaked in solvent after drying.


Another fixation option is to screw the apartment number to the door. Screw-on numbers should immediately have holes for screws or be solid, and the user in fact makes the necessary slots.  Screwing can be, for example, metal numbers on the door, for this is necessary:

  1. Attach the product to the door and mark the places for drilling holes with a drill.
  2. Drill the holes.
  3. Insert self-tapping screws or screws into the numbers and into the holes.
  4. Screw in the self-tapping screws with a screwdriver.

Evenness is important in this procedure, so be sure to outline the future location before installation.

Hanging signs

Signs of pendant type – creative products, which indicated not only the apartment number, but also other information. Fixation on the door is simple: there are fasteners on both sides of the product, for which you must suspend the design. At the door, a nail is hammered in or a self-tapping screw is screwed in, and the plate is suspended from the fastener. Another option is to hang the plate on several fasteners. On the reverse side of the design has corners, which are fastened to the installed self-tapping screws of the door leaf. Installation is not difficult, so the work is done in half an hour.

How to attach a license plate to the door?

A lot of people can ask a question, how to attach the door sign. Attaching the number to the door structure can be done in different ways. Here it is worth taking into account the peculiarities of the numbers themselves and the door. Equally important are your preferences. The work will not take more than a day. Screw-on numbers If we are talking about numbers that are mounted on self-tapping screws, the work is carried out in compliance with the following points:

  1. Apply the numbers to the canvas and make marks of the attachment points.
  2. Choose the right size drill for the existing holes and self-tapping screws.
  3. Carefully and shallowly drill the blade in the marked places.
  4. Fix the figures with self-tapping screws, use a screwdriver or an ordinary screwdriver.

While performing the work, you should be careful, especially with regard to drilling holes.

Stick-on numbers

Today you can often see the numbers on the door, which are attached by means of an adhesive composition. In this case, the fixation is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. The place of attachment should be thoroughly cleaned and treated with a weak solvent solution. This will ensure a secure attachment of the products.
  2. Attach the numbers to the cloth and make a marking of the places of their attachment. It is better to have all the numbers installed at the same time. This will allow you to evaluate the appearance of the cloth.
  3. Often the adhesive is already available on the back of the numbers, all closed with a special protective film. It is removed before fixation. But to ensure the reliable attachment of the product, it is necessary to apply an additional layer of glue.

Then the number is carefully pressed to the chosen place and held for some time for the glue to set. When choosing products, it is worth considering the features of the door construction, prices and your own preferences. Of course, we should not forget that, if necessary, the numbers or plates can be made to order. Such services will cost a little more. If you have retired the old doors, it is better to buy on Bsigns new door signs for office at once with the necessary number.



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