6 Ideas for Improving Your Listing’s Curb Appeal


Curb appeal, in this day and age, is everything. When you go to sell your home, looking at it through the lens of a prospective buyer will help you make updates that maximize your home’s value. Listing as-is will cost  you because buyers decide whether a home is right for them within seconds of entering. And with 93% of buyers looking online and narrowing down their list before visiting properties, many won’t even get to see the inside.

Here are 6 curb appeal updates you can make to maximize your profit:

  • Tend to the grass, landscaping, and trees
  • Clean up the driveway
  • Focus on the roof
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint
  • Update the front door
  • Choose the best feature photo

For more examples of these profitable curb appeal ideas, check out the rest of our article here. And if you want to increase the value of your home but you’re not sure how to get started, chat with a home improvement consultant at Curbio today. We handle updates of all sizes and shapes. We specialize in fixing-up homes before they’re listed, so they can sell quickly for the highest price. And the best part?  We defer all costs until closing. (No, really.)

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