The Importance of Using a Tree Pruner on Fruit Trees


Pruning is a process of selectively removing branches from a tree. The goal of doing this is to remove unwanted branches, and as well as improve the structure of the tree, and direct new, healthy growth. Fruit trees are different compared to average shade trees.  It means that they need to be pruned every year to improve fruit quality. Anytime you tackle a job like this or other home maintenance make sure you consider all the tools you may need such as an 18 gauge nail or other important items. 

However, there are many home gardeners that approach pruning with fear, but you shouldn’t. If you have a fruit tree in your yard or farm, remember that maintenance of your tree is important, not only for the overall health of the tree but also for the quality of the fruit that you will harvest one day.

To prune fruit trees, a tree pruner is used. It is a tool designed to make the pruning task easy. It is usually extended or telescopic, enabling you to work from the ground, eliminating the need to climb up a ladder or the tree itself. If you will be pruning your fruit trees for the first time, it is best to use a tree pruner than using a saw or other cutting tools. If you are wondering why then we are here to give you some of the importance of using a tree pruner on fruit trees.

A Tree Pruner Eliminates the Need for a Ladder

Fruit trees can grow really high. Therefore, if you are going to prune it using a saw, then you will need to climb a ladder or the tree itself to get the job done. But if you have a tree pruner, there’s no need for you to do some climbing because you can simply stand on the ground and reach the branches that need to be cut safely. It will keep you safe from the risk of falls and injury from a ladder, and from the danger of handling sharp tools on top of a ladder, as well.   Services such as Sun Valley low cost tree pruning service are definitely worth considering for help.

Can Help Reduce Fatigue

It is much easier to use a tree pruner in pruning fruit trees compared to other tools. It’s because it allows you to reach the areas you want to trim comfortably. There is no need for you to stretch and extend a tool for a long time when you choose to use a tree pruner. With this, it reduces the fatigue and tiredness you feel considerably after the pruning task. It can also help you in handling more work in shorter spans of time. 

Can Help in Reaching Higher Growth

If your rare fruit trees have grown really high, a tree pruner can help you in reaching higher branches easily. And if there are obstacles in between, like a pool, a pond, or some thorny plants, they are not going to be an issue with a tree pruner. It will help you handle the job much faster, too.

Can Reduce Chances of Injury

When you choose to use a tree pruner for your fruit trees, there’s no need for you to reach through thick branches and thorny growth at times. This means that you will not get poked or scratch. It can also help prevent falls from a significant height. 

Can Easily Harvest Fruits

A tree pruner can help you harvest the fruits at the required time easily. And when you pick and harvest the fruits regularly, it can also help in improving the yield from the trees. 

Why Is It Important to Prune Fruit Trees?

After knowing the importance of using a tree pruner on fruit trees, we are also giving you some of the reasons why it is essential to prune fruit trees:

  • Pruning can help boost fruit production

When a fruit tree is well cared for and pruned regularly, it stimulates growth and the production of fresh fruit. When there’s deadwood left to rot or is not properly removed, it is far more susceptible to fall victim to an infestation of insects and diseases. Therefore, cutting off dead or damaged parts of the tree through pruning can promote the growth of new fruit and buds. 

  • It can protect fruit trees from tree-related diseases

Some of the diseases that fruit trees can suffer from, if not cared properly, are leaf curl, bacterial canker, and brown rot. One of the preventative measures to stop your fruit tree from contracting diseases is professional pruning, as this encourages a long and healthy lifespan for trees. Aside from that, pruning can also help in treating fruit trees that have already contracted a disease, and to stop the spread to other parts. 

  • It can eliminate dangerous branches

When there are dead branches still attached to fruit trees, it means that they are fragile to strong winds and storms that can make them fall off easily. When they are left neglected, they can also fall off on their own accord, no matter what the weather is. This is extremely hazardous, especially if your fruit tree is located near your house or near electric lines. Therefore, it is important to prune the fruit tree regularly and remove dead branches as soon as possible. 

  • It can improve the look of your garden

Pruning your fruit trees correctly, cutting off dead or damaged branches, and getting rid of parts that are growing fast, can help in improving its shape. It can transform the overall look of your garden, as well. 

  • Pruning can control the size of the fruit tree

If you do not want your fruit tree to grow very high, then pruning can help in training its size. Fruit trees benefit from early pruning beginning at planting time in order to help balance out the new formation of roots. When fruit trees grow too high, it will be difficult to harvest and do continual pruning practices. Therefore, try to do regular pruning as early as possible. 

These are some of the importance of pruning fruit trees and as well as using tree pruners in doing so. If you have some fruit trees in your yard, make sure that you prune them regularly to maintain their health and as well as the beauty of your garden. And make sure to use a tree pruner, too, as it can make the task easier and help prevent accidents, as well. 

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