The Emerging Threats From An Electromagnetic Pulse Attack

Getting a Guidebook

If you are worried about the threat from an electromagnetic pulse attack, you might want to pick up a book on the subject. The 21st Century Complete Guide to Electromagnetic Pulse is a great place to start, as it covers nuclear weapon effects, the threats to our electric grid, and several other topics. It’s a guide released by the Department of Defense under the U.S government. You can check it out at the link below:

This book is available as a paperback as well as in Kindle format, which will make it easy for you to choose whatever you’re comfortable with. Overall, the subject is covered in some detail, but still in clear enough terms for the layperson to understand.  

If anyone has any worries about the EMP threats to our way of living, this book can prepare them for that time to some extent. At the very least, it’ll introduce us to the looming potential dangers, so we can prepare ourselves beforehand.  

The modern world has given us many conveniences, but a single attack could transform our lives in a matter of seconds. While technology means that we have several gadgets, it’s also given rise to major threats such as the nuclear bomb, solar flares, and EMP attacks.

A nuclear bomb going off in the atmosphere above a large city could destroy all the electronics, power stations, and gadgets which our modern society has increasingly come to depend upon. Back in 1859, a massive solar flare managed to destroy the telegraph equipment of that era all across the US.

In order to prepare ourselves for such threats, we should first gain some knowledge about EMP or electromagnetic pulse attacks. From there on, we can gauge the potential danger and act accordingly:

What’s an Electromagnetic Pulse Attack?

There has been grave concern that an enemy could strike this country with a missile having a nuclear weapon. On its explosion at a high altitude, it would release a burst of radiation. This sudden radiation burst would interact with the earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere, as well as the thin upper layer which is filled with free electrons and the ionosphere. All of these are utilized for facilitating radio communications, but can also turn against us with the right weapon.  

A large solar flare could be even more devastating, as it could be far more widespread across the planet. This would result in massive electrical outages for whole continents, not just the United States.

Results of an EMP

The results of an EMP could be devastating. Here are some of the potential outcomes that may occur:

  •    The occurrence of a large EMP is enough to cause a power outage that could take months or even years to get the power back on
  •    The most vulnerable sector in society would feel the effects almost immediately. These would most likely be the people who rely on medications, especially refrigerated drugs such as insulin. They’d be in immediate danger as well as individuals who rely on medical devices such as ventilators for survival.
  •    An EMP attack could create a tsunami-like situation in which the ionized particles would race towards the planet’s surface. Electrical wires, as well as electrical cables, would act like lightning rods. The result would be that anything connected to them could be disabled, disrupted and even destroyed. If anyone is near them at that moment, they could get seriously hurt.
  •    In the event of an Electro Magnetic Pulse strike, electronic, as well as the power generating equipment in the power plants, would be severely damaged. There would be no way of easily replacing this equipment anytime soon.
  •    It’s theorized that if a broad EMP where to happen and the power not restored within a few weeks, then within a year nearly half the population could perish due to poor food supplies, medications, lack of clean drinking water and more.
  •    Also, an EMP attack would cause all of the major transportation systems to break down. Many of the means of communication would not be possible. You will not be in a position to watch your favorite TV shows, no useable cell phone systems, little radio, and no food or water distribution and no Internet system. All essential food supplies would have to be rationed.
  •    It would only take a few targeted EMP attacks on the US power grid to bring the entire system down. No one is quite sure how to bring the system back up given its strong interdependence.

EMP Bomb Threat Scenario

What can be done to stop this threat? It has been rightly said that prevention is better than cure. There is a significant discussion by government officials about taking steps to protect the nation’s power grid so that it can be isolated from any single EMP attack. Individuals need to be prepared as well, giving serious thought to having several months of supplies available for the worst case scenario.

The Reality of EMP Attack Threats

While every country, including the United States, is at risk of an EMP threat, the matter is now far more serious than it was some decades ago. When the Cold War was going on, for example, there were several efforts carried out by the US Department of Defense in order to make sure their strategic forces could operate after such an attack. The same goes for the is national command authorities, as it was necessary for these forces to both survive and remain functional in all scenarios.

Still, it wasn’t considered as necessary to protect our critical infrastructures in such cases, as we had nuclear protection as well. However, some radical adversaries of the United States have since developed long-range missiles, small arsenals for nuclear power, and other technology which could put the whole country at risk.

This is why the government now needs to take proper steps to ensure that the country stays safe and at least operable in case of an EMP attack. We are now far more vulnerable than we were during the Cold War, especially now that technological gadgets have become such a huge part of our lives.

Even the primitive form of nuclear weapons is now a major EMP threat. If they can’t manage to take down the power grid for the whole country, they can at least inflict major damage by taking down a major city. This could be enough to cause the downfall of the whole country not by war, but by taking away what makes their society function.

Preparing for the Worst

We’ve often heard about people preparing underground bunkers and emergency rooms in case of anything bad happening. This could be in the form of a natural disaster such as a cyclone or hurricane, or against the possibility of a man-made disaster such as war or an EMP attack. We should consider setting up one of our own, at least in the neighborhood if our own home doesn’t have that kind of space.

To this end, we should always have some non-perishable food supplies, independent power sources, and other life essentials piled up. One would hope that we never have to use them, but we shouldn’t just sit idle in the face of such a threat either. Fortunately, there are several such supplies available on the market as well as guidebooks on how to remain functional in various life-threatening situations.   


It’s apparent that technological advancements pose some major threats as well as conveniences. Even if EMP attacks were not considered a serious danger previously, they’re certainly a worrisome possibility for the masses now. It’s hence high time that the government took certain steps to ensure this doesn’t happen. The best way to do this is to make our infrastructure impervious to such attacks. In the meantime, we should prepare ourselves for survival as much as humanly possible.