What You Should Know About Steel Windows

What You Should Know About Steel Windows

Steel windows (and doors) in their present form have been around since the 1930s. As a result, they last longer than other materials. For example, you can expect a well-manufactured steel window to last for more than 50 years. Around the UK, you can still find historic homes and buildings with original … Read more

Fastest Cleaning Techniques for Windows

Housewife washing the windows of her house

Spotless windows are a positive thing to look at. Everyone wants their glass to look as clean and shining as the day it was installed. Perfectly cleaned windows enable the entry of more light, and it also plays as a connector to the outdoors. It is easy to figure out the spots … Read more

Tips on Choosing The Right Window Style For Your Home

Tips on Choosing The Right Window Style For Your Home

There is nothing more inspiring than soaking in magnificent views of the sun rays hitting the windows in your home. If you’re budgeting for a new replacement, you might be trying to figure out the style you’d want to go for. There are a ton of options to choose from and you’re … Read more

When is the Best Time to Inspect Windows for Replacement?

Man in a blue shirt does window installation

Windows have been with us for many thousands of years, but only very recently has the modern window popped up. By modern window, we mean those windows that are constructed with quality frames, double panes of glass, film over the panes, and look very aesthetically pleasing. The modern window really adds a … Read more

What are the Different Types of Windows?

a big window with a great view

If you are getting a house built, one of the important parts that you need to focus on is the windows. The main functions of windows are to let in light and provide some ventilation. But aside from those common functions, windows can vary in many ways. There are windows that are … Read more

Windows That Will Make You Leave The Mobile And Look Outside

Don’t look at the boring walls, look out the window. They give you a glimpse of your surroundings and the sky. Watching the sunrise with a cup of coffee or the sight of kids playing in the evening, windows are our little corner for peace. What if this small personal space gets … Read more

Why Vinyl Windows are the Right Choice for Residents of Calgary

Why Vinyl Windows are the Right Choice for Residents of Calgary

High-quality vinyl windows will help you save money and energy over the lifetime of your home. When looking to replace your existing vinyl windows, making an investment in the right windows matters. From brand to style and features, Window Mart has everything you could ever need. In fact, some of the very … Read more

What Are the Types of Windows You Can Install in Your Home?

Finding the perfect window is challenging because there are so many different types of windows to choose from today. They have different shapes, sizes, designs, and materials which can be overwhelming especially when you only need to pick one. Aside from the design, you should also consider your needs whether the windows … Read more