Different Types of Ceilings

Ceilings undoubtedly create an effect on the interior of a home, besides being an integral structure to interior design as…

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Famous Fictional Homes

Sometimes, the houses you dream of buying cannot be found in your local real estate listings but in movies, TV…

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History of Air Conditioning

An air conditioner is an essential appliance that cools our homes and controls the air temperature, which is vital to…

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Popular Architectural Styles of Homes

Besides the budget and location, the right style and features of any home is a must-check for home buyers. If…

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Unusual Things That Are Used to Build Homes

Houses are usually built with the following materials: wood, cement, mortar, iron, steel, bamboo, straw, reed and stone, and so…

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Interesting Natural Homes

It’s a certain fact that man, try as he might, just cannot compete with the beauty of the natural world.…

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History of Mobile Homes

When we hear the word ‘home’, it might conjure up several images in our minds. Some might think of a…

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Interesting Facts about Japanese Houses

There is a certain charm about Japanese homes. Their uniqueness and functionality mirror the Japanese centuries-old traditions combined with ingenuity.…

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Most Unusual Homes in the World

We’ve all seen many different homes over the years, but there are always some that make our eyes bug out.…

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Interesting Facts About the American Home

America’s population is a melting pot of different cultures. In fact, you can often see the individual history of a…

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Iconic Houses from Movies and TV Shows

When a movie or a TV show becomes a hit, the locations and sets become as familiar to the viewers…

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Classic Home Styles

When you’re shopping for a house, it’s likely that you’re going to have some quick (re-) education on the home…

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