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Great Looks for Ceilings

When it comes to revamping a home’s interior, a lot of people focus on painting the walls and changing the…

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Guide to Shed Ceilings

A shed ceiling is a type of vaulted ceiling that angles upward or downward from low to high but only…

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Guide to Coved Ceilings

A coved ceiling is a ceiling design that has curved edges instead of sharp angles between the ceiling and walls…

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Guide to Beam Ceilings

A beamed ceiling features exposed joists or beams which can create visual interest and bring individual flair to your home.…

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Guide to Coffered Ceilings

Coffers in architecture are series of sunken panels with a boxed beam around them. They often form shapes like rectangles,…

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Guide to Suspended Ceilings

A suspended ceiling is also known as drop ceiling. It is a type of finish that is hung just below…

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Guide to Tray Ceilings

A tray ceiling is also known as an inverted or recessed ceiling. It can be made of almost any material.…

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