Carpet Installation in Sydney

Different Carpet Cleaning Methods for Pet Owners –DIY

The look and feel of interior space are always necessary to the impression that it makes on the viewer. People always react to the vibes and aura a room exudes, be it a house, office, or hotel. And one of the important things while thinking about this is the use of carpets … Read more

Carpet Cleaning Schedule You Should Know

7 DIY Tips and Tricks for Proper Carpet Cleaning at Home

Carpets are vulnerable to dirt and other small particles that need to be cleaned time after time. Professionals can help to seasonally clean carpets with complete resources to speed up the process. There is no need to wash carpets often for it can be expensive, however, it is possible in the season. … Read more

How to Remove Carpet in 5 Simple Steps

How to Remove Carpet in 5 Simple Steps

Many people believe that carpet removal is a tough and back-breaking process. While there’s some truth in it, you can still make it easier. One way is to hire a professional carpet removal company. Normally, when you want to remove furniture, you have to plan and strategize. This is unless you’re hiring … Read more

What to do about Pet Stains on your Carpet

If you have a pet, it is only a matter of time before Fido tinkles on your carpet or Kitty coughs up a hairball on your rug. No matter how well you train your pets, accidents happen. But if you don’t clean up the accident right away, you could be left with … Read more

How Can We Keep the Carpet Clean?

Florida, also known as the “Sunshine State,” and is for a good reason. While the rest of the US averages 28 inches of snow yearly, Jacksonville, Florida, averages 0 inches of snow. Moreover, it’s hot season can last up to four months. This humid weather can penetrate the home and office environment. … Read more

History and Facts about Carpet

History and Facts about Carpet

  The interior of a home is made up of many different objects that help make it unique and interesting. Of all these, a clean carpet of all shapes and sizes could be a major influence in setting the tone of a room or even the whole house. Since this is such … Read more