5 Tricks to Deep Clean Your Carpet


Carpet cleaning is believed to be a daunting job. Therefore, instead of cleaning it on our own, we prefer paying a huge sum of money to get it done. It is because the carpets have all kinds of elements that are harder to clean; dirt, oil, and residues.

Carpet cleaning can be the hardest but not impossible. However, if you know the secret expert tricks the job would get breathtakingly easy. Here are 5 tricks that would help you in not only cleaning the carpet but saving a lot of money as well;

  • Start with vacuuming the carpet
  • Read the carpet care label
  • Treat the stains
  • Steam clean the carpet
  • Let it air dry

Start with vacuuming the carpet

If you want to clean smart, not hard, begin with vacuuming the carpet. A thorough vacuuming would remove the dirt and debris sitting in the carpet fibre without you doing much. It is recommended because vacuuming is the safest way of getting rid of dirt and debris bringing the carpet’s performance down. If the dirt and debris are not removed this way, you will have to get rid of them using harsh chemical solutions. Overexposure to the harsh chemical solutions would clean but also damage the carpet fibres at the same time.Hire carpet cleaning services.

Read the carpet care label

Different kinds of carpets are available in the market. Therefore, they can not be treated the same. Before treating the carpet with water and any chemical solution, read the carpet care label and clean the carpet as the manufacturer wants you to.

Treat the stains

Assuming the carpet can be cleaned in any way possible, examine it carefully. If there are stains you have to get rid of the stains. The type of stain will determine what you will be required to do to get rid of it.  Normally, carpets have water-soluble and protein-based stains. The water-soluble stains can be removed with plain water however, for the other type you have to use a mild soap or cleaning solution.

Steam clean the carpet

Frankly, there are a million ways to clean the carpet. The easiest and the quickest one of all is steam clean. Since vacuuming would get rid of most of the dirt and debris, you can make a DIY solution by mixing white vinegar and water. If you hate the vinegar smell, add a few drops of essential oil. Mix the solution well and start steam cleaning.

Let it air dry

Once you have steam cleaned the carpet to perfection, leave the carpet to air-dry. The carpet would take a few hours and it will be ready to serve again.

In brief, carpet cleaning would only be tough until you do not how to do it correctly. To clean it to perfection, you have to start with vacuuming the carpet, read the carpet care label, treat the stains, steam clean the carpet, and let it air dry. Once the carper is dried, the carpet will be in perfect condition to serve you again.



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