Stelrad Radiators: Four of the Best


Stelrad offers the very best radiators available to buy online. As well as their superb heating capabilities, they are also the most stylish, aesthetically pleasing radiators on the UK market. You are gifted with an abundance of choice when it comes to selecting your brand new radiator from Stelrad, with designs able to seamlessly integrate into any home interior, regardless of your individual style. So which radiator from Stelrad should you choose? We have made things simple by outlining four of the best radiators Stelrad has to offer, so you can improve your home interior, and heat up in style today.

Vertical Radiators

Vertical radiators have vastly increased in popularity in recent years. As vertical radiators do not take up much space in terms of width, they are able to fit into many spaces that other radiator models could not. They are also extremely attractive features for your home, available in a wide range of colours with varying heat outputs. Vertical radiators from Stelrad are also available in anthracite grey, one of the most popular, subtle colour choices of the year. If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, you also have a wide range of other colours to choose from when it comes to vertical radiators, meaning you can choose a vertical radiator that stands out, blends in, or simply fits with your current home aesthetic.

Designer Radiators

Modern, designer radiators from Stelrad allow you to really begin making your house home. Rather than opting for a bland, boring, classic radiator, Stelrad designer radiators are absolute innovations in terms of design and heating capabilities alike.  Designer radiators are also especially efficient, allowing you to save money while making your room look more stylish than ever. Why choose a simple, boring radiator, when there are so many designer, luxury radiator options available for you? Delivered straight to your door, these aren’t one to miss.  See Stelrad’s full range of designer radiators, available in 36 different colours, chrome finishes and even unique, innovative designs.

Low Surface Temperature Radiators

Low surface temperature radiator, or LST radiators, are great for the homeowner who is cautious about those who live in their environment. LST radiators are especially beneficial for rooms such as nurseries or playrooms, allowing those who inhabit them to safely enjoy the room without the risk of getting burnt. With an insulating vase and an antibacterial paint finish, low surface temperature radiators cannot get any hotter than 40 degrees Celsius, meaning no burns.

Towel rail radiators

Towel rail radiators from Stelrad are some of the most stylish radiators you will be able to find for your kitchen or bathroom. As well as drying your towels with easy, they also have super all-round heating capabilities, heating your entire room with ease. Stelrad’s extensive range of towel rail radiators and heated towel rails offer excellent drying facilities that will you transform your room of choice into the stylish room you have always dreamed of, keeping you warm all year round.


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