Can you qualify for a free boiler grant?


What is the free boiler scheme?

The UK government is targeting further reductions in the country’s carbon emissions to help in the fight against global warming. Old and inefficient boilers are one such example of energy consumption that contributes to high emissions levels and energy wastage because they usually take longer to heat your home. This also means that bills are higher than they would be if households had a new “greener” boiler.

To help with this ongoing struggle against climate change the government introduced the ECO scheme that aims to provide grants for the installation of new and more environmentally friendly boilers. You could be eligible to get a free or subsidised boiler, regardless of your ability to get credit if you have privately applied for a boiler in the past. As well as saving you money, a new boiler will be much better for the planet, so there are plenty of benefits to seeing if you can qualify for the scheme. Contact us today to find out more about free boiler grants and fill in your details on our website to quickly see if you can qualify.

Who is eligible for a free boiler through the scheme?

In order to be eligible for a free boiler through the government’s ECO scheme you need to meet certain criteria. This involves being a homeowner, having a boiler that is more than seven years old, and being in receipt of an income-related benefit. If you fit these terms, the full process will be dealt with end-to-end by our professional team of energy advisors. The scheme excludes boilers that are under seven years old as they are deemed more worthwhile to repair than completely be replaced.

Don’t worry if you apply and don’t qualify for a free boiler grant, as you could still be entitled to a subsidised boiler or a significant discount on a new boiler installation.

The boiler grants are funded by the ‘Big Six’ energy providers – Scottish Power, British Gas, E. ON, EDF, SSE, and nPower -– to give households a completely new, environmentally friendly, and efficient boiler for free or at least a fraction of the price that it would normally be.

Is your current boiler costing you more to run than it should?

The ECO scheme was introduced to give qualifying homeowners across the UK efficient and affordable heating. Research has proven that boiler models that are over seven years old can often function at about 65% of their full efficiency. This means that as much as 35p of every pound you spend on your heating bills is being wasted because of an inefficient boiler.

By comparison, a new A-rated boiler would be predicted to operate at no less than 90% efficiency, which would mean a loss of just 10p or less. Your annual heating bills would see substantial savings with the addition of a new boiler through the scheme.

As you can see there are multiple advantages to this scheme, so if you think you meet the requirements to be eligible for a free boiler it is well worth starting the application process today.


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