Some Brilliant Patio Table Glass Replacement Ideas


Isn’t it saddening when some of your favorite decorative pieces break? We know what it feels like when your patio table glass breaks. But worry not.

We have the best solutions for all your woes so that when next time when you face any glass breakage, you can use our patio table glass replacement ideas. We assure you; your table will look beautiful again, as ever. Moreover, you will not feel as something is missing. Excited to know more? Stay tuned!

Ideas for types of glass replacements 

Are you sick of finding the right patio table glass replacement ideas? Well, here are a few types of glass you can replace your patio table glass with. Believe us or not, these look as beautiful as the original patio table glass. Or, perhaps, even more beautiful. So, ready to make your home shine? Follow these replacement ideas and you are good to go!

1. Clear Glass

Like all things that are timeless and have something unique about them, clear glass is like gold. No matter what, it makes your patio look as beautiful as new. While clear glass is breakable too, it really depends on the quality used. So, for example, invest in a sturdy clear glass to amplify the look of your broken patio table glass. Rest assured, it will look stunning.

Do not believe us? Replace your broken patio glass with clear glass and see it turn into a new piece. No one will even know that the patio table glass is replaced.


2. Acid-Etched Glass

Acid-Etched glass is a fortified glass with acid to eternally changing its appearance. Although it is smoother than a sandblasted glass, this annealed glass is treated with hydrofluoric acid to give it’s surface a frosted look. Depending on your choice, the entire glass or only its certain parts can be acid-etched.

Acid-etched glass is preferred over a sandblasted one because it is smoother when touched and easier to conserve. Moreover, this glass can also differ in opacity. So, use it is as it is, or back paint it to add dimensions and texture. This is a perfect replacement for your broken patio glass.


3. Tint Bronze Glass

If you want to add a tinge of neutral colors and a sense of warmth to your patio, this is it. This is a super unique idea to replace your broken patio glass. It is formulated to curb the green cast normally found in clear glass. It produces a pleasing aesthetic that is almost soothing for the eyes. If you have a house made of red bricks, this tint bronze glass is going to compliment it aptly.

Imagine a deep red-brick house with a garden full of stunning plants and a patio table with warm bronze glass. Wouldn’t this serve just the right aesthetics? If you are someone who loves the attention to details and aesthetic specificity, choose a tint bronze glass. We promise you will not regret it.

4. Tint Grey Glass

A tint grey glass is similar to a tint bronze glass. Perhaps, this is an ideal solution to replacing your broken patio table glass. It not only looks beautiful but is the ultimate solution to reduce heat issues. So, if you happen to live in a hot country and hate the summertime, this is it.

We totally recommend you utilize this grey tint glass as a replacement idea. It will not trap much of the heat, thus preventing the accumulation of unwanted heat. Doesn’t this sound cool? Well, it is worth a shot.  This is like two goals in one shot. Get your aesthetics fulfilled and make the best out of this glass.


5. Tint Green Glass

Sick of finding the right patio table glass replacement ideas? Here’s one that you will love like nothing else. A tint grey glass is an absolute favorite of all time. Believe us, it does not look odd. We recognize how the thought of having a green patio table glass seems odd. But the truth is, it isn’t.

Essentially, a green tint prevents the blue light from entering inside a certain place. Further, it reduces glare. A green tint glass also reduces strain on the eyes and increases optical sharpness. With so many benefits, we do not think we can find you an option better than this.

Replace your broken patio glass table with tinted green glass. Place a bouquet of pure white flowers on the patio table, and Voila! Your patio table and the surrounding ambiance will look as stunning as you can imagine. Scared to try it out? Take a leap of faith and try it once.

6. Graylite II 

A Graylite II glass looks almost black and totally bold. So, if you are someone who has a taste for bold things, this might be your calling. Imagine, having a white surrounding on your Graylite II glass patio table. This would look so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Wouldn’t it?

This glass combines heat-load reduction and solar control while making it super utile for everyone. Basically, a Graylite II glass is a soda-lime float glass product. This is a sustainable glass that has fewer chances of breakage. Moreover, it adds oomph to your surroundings and makes it look prettier than ever.

7. Spraylite Glass

Spraylite glass is a modern and unique form of an antique hammered metal motif. This glass is super attractive and will make heads turn. We promise you, everyone who sees this glass on your patio table glass will ask you where you got it from.

This also comes in various tints such as a bronze one and a Corsica one. This not only looks beautiful but is perfectly sturdy. After all, you do not want your patio glass table to break every now and then. So, better be safe than sorry and use this glass to prevent all issues.

8. Tint Super Grey Glass

A tint super grey class is a low-reflective tinted glass. It has a deep cool grey appearance. Its best aspect is how it increases visual privacy. It has the best solar control of any uncoated glass. Also, this has a low UV-transmittance. Which means it is safe as well as beautiful.

A tint super grey glass can be laminated, toughened, bent and enameled using standard techniques. Moreover, it is also available in varying thicknesses. So, you get to choose the kind you like and get rid of table troubles. Are you ready to revamp your house with this beautiful glass and make it look better than ever?

Tint Super Grey Glass

9. Low-Iron Glass

Low-iron glass is also referred to as optically clear glass. It is made of silicon and slight amounts of iron. The low iron amounts curb the bluish hues. Hence, it does not look anything like the traditional glass. This provides the maximum amount of brightness and absolute clarity.  So, if you want your patio table glass to look bright and awesome, this is one thing you should not miss.

We absolutely recommend the use of this low-iron glass as a patio table glass replacement idea. We believe, it can be the best one among all other glass types too.

10. Tint Mirror Plane

Still, stuck between the indecisiveness of choosing the right kind of patio table glass replacement ideas? Another one of our favorites is a tint mirror plane. This is absolutely worthy of being replaced with your broken patio glass. It looks stunning and is easy to install.

Precautions while replacing the glass

So, anything to do with glass automatically requires your unwavering attention and care. In case it breaks, there is going to be a huge loss, but it can be super dangerous too. So, for starters, keep your eyes and mind only on the patio glass.

Moreover, if you have children at home, tell them to stay away from the patio glass. You never know, things can go south. However, you will always regret if in all of this your child gets injured. Despite this being a basic instruction, we often tend to overlook these little steps.

Assure the proper installation of the glass. Otherwise, there is a danger of the glass falling out of the pane which could result in a serious injury.

Ask for Professional Help

It is recommended you ask for professional help. We often want to save money and time and pursue most household chores ourselves. This practice may result in severe issues too. so, ask for professional help. There are a lot of companies that are ready to do this labor for you. So, save up time and energy and let the professionals take charge.

How to Protect Glass from Shattering

Choosing the right size for the right pane is one fine way of preventing glass breakage. Unfortunately, people tend to underestimate or overestimate the size of the glass, which eventually results in breakage.

Similarly, the quality of the glass matters a lot. If you aspire to prevent breakage, spend some extra bucks and choose a good quality glass once and for all.

These two measures may seem basic, but if implemented correctly, can do wonders!


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