What You Must Consider Before Replacing a Broken Glass Top of Patio Table


Glass top patio table is a perfect addition to your home’s outdoor space and with good reason. The classy yet simple and flawless look of glass can help spice up your patio. Plus, it’s super easy to clean and maintain.

When it comes to glass top patio furniture, you have so many styling options to choose from. After all, glass tops come in a variety of colors, thickness, and shapes, as well as patterns, layering, and styles. All that’s left to do is choose one that will best match your style and the design of your home.

The truth, however, is that glass top patio tables can sometimes break. Poor quality, faulty manufacturing, severe weather, and wear & tear are some of the common culprits.

What happens when the glass top of your patio furniture breaks? Decisions. Do you replace the glass top or buy a new table?

In this post, we are going to look at some of the most important things you need to consider before you decide to replace a broken glass top patio table.

First Things First: Why Replace a Broken Glass Top Patio Table?

This is a valid question considering that you’ve got a choice of replacing the patio furniture altogether. But there are plenty of plausible reasons to replace the glass top rather than buy a new table.

It’s a great way to upgrade your patio table: The previous glass top may have been of bad quality. Replacement allows you to use a more durable, more stylish and stronger glass.

This option is a money-saver: Buying a new patio table set is not exactly cheap. When you replace, you’ll only incur a fraction of the cost. And it’s an eco-friendly and more sensible decision.

You can personalize your tabletop: Replacement gives you a chance to find glass that’s a good fit for your needs, style, and preferences.

However, you look at it, replacing the glass tabletop is a no-brainer decision. But here are some things you need to keep in mind when replacing.  You Can Follow Third Eye Glass For More Related Articles.

1. Shape of the Table Top

The first aspect you need to consider when replacing a glass top patio table is the shape. Remember, they come in all shapes, including rectangular glass, barrel glass, square glass, oval glass, round glass, and much more. More often than not, you will have to stick to the previous shape of the glass top.

Once you have picked the best shape, the rest will fall right in place. Perhaps the next sensible step is to think about the dimensions of your patio table and appropriate patio designs. Accordingly, these will help the provider craft a custom replacement glass top for your patio table.

2. Design and Styling Options

Since the replacement is cost-effective, this means that you can have a patio table that also looks amazing. In other words, you can bring new design features to spruce up the look and feel of your furniture.

If you want added brightness, for instance, consider mirror glass top. Tempered glass, on the other hand, will increase the strength and durability of your table. Flat finishes are standard, but you can go for other finish options too.

3. Evaluate your Replacement Options

There are multiple options when it comes to replacing your broken glass tabletop:

(a) Tempered glass – This is a great choice to replace your broken glass top. Tempered glass is 4x to 6x stronger than conventional glass, making durable and shatter-proof. It’s also safe, especially when it breaks.

(b) Acrylic plastic – This offers the appeal of glass because it’s transparent. The best part is that acrylic plastic is much more shatter-resistant, lighter weight and stronger than traditional glass. It can be custom cut into any shape and size to fit your existing patio table. It’s worth noting, however, acrylic glass or plastic can scratch easily.

(c) Sandblast glass – Increased privacy is probably the biggest advantage that comes with frosted or sandblasted glass. It also keeps dirt, smears, and fingerprints at bay. Consider it if your patio receives a lot of traffic.

4. Edge Options

Do you want polished or unpolished edges on your glass top? Polishing can help improve the safety of exposed edges by taking away the sharpness. If the glass top will sit inside a table frame, you don’t have to worry about edge polishing.

Another consideration is the shape of the glass edges. Do you prefer round, wave or beveled edges?

5. Thickness of the Table Top

How thick your replacement glass top should depend on several factors. First of all, will the glass top sit inside a recessed table frame? If so, the depth of the recession will determine the thickness.

If it doesn’t sit inside a frame, then the thickness will depend on how the glass top is reinforced. If it’s supported from corner to corner across the whole table surface, then any glass thicker than 6 millimeters should be okay.

If the glass top is supported at one central point, then you should choose one that’s at least 10mm thick.

These are a few factors to consider. With all these choices, you must consider whether to decorate your glass top or not. You also have the option to choose from a colored, frosted or even just plain, clear glass. Choose from the above suggestions whatever you like.

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