Should Your Roof Be Replaced? How to Find Out!


Roofs are built to last decades, even centuries, but at some point, they do need to be replaced. How can you tell that your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan? A lot of people can’t and this can lead to issues further down the line. Here is how to discover if your roof is in need of replacement:

Have the Feature Inspected

First things first, have this feature examined by a reputable roofing company before making any decisions. Most well-regarded contractors will offer you a free inspection. Choose someone you trust and you will be able to guarantee what they have to say.

If the agency that you have hired recommends a replacement, then this is something that you should seriously consider. You can get a second opinion if you want, just to give you peace of mind. However, if numerous people are telling you the same thing, then you know what to do.

Ignoring the issue will only cause the problems to worsen. This is something that should be tackled quickly so that you can ensure the security and safety of your home.

Check the Warranty

As mentioned, each roof has its own lifespan. The materials play a significant role here – asphalt can last between 15 and 30 years, metal between 25 and 50 years, clay around 50 to a 100 years, and slate from 75 to 200 years.

Therefore, if you know when your roof was fixed, you can have some idea just how much longer it can hold up. You should be mindful of the fact that weather conditions and debris damage can shorten the length of this lifespan. This is why an inspection can help to put things into perspective for you.

Consider Recent Repair Record

You should also think about any recent repairs that have been undertaken. Do you find that you are having to find people to tackle your roofing jobs in Hamilton on a more regular basis? Are you finding a greater number of issues cropping up and in quicker succession?

If this the case, then it appears that your roof may be continuously deteriorating and all of these repairs are simple a temporary solution. Not only will you have to carry out an increasing number of repairs but after a certain point, these may not do the job as well as needed. Under these circumstances, you may be looking at a roof replacement.

Your Expecting Bad Weather

The reality that the weather around the world is becoming increasingly worse as time goes on. As such, you can expect your roof to have to withstand more and more intense storms. If it isn’t capable of doing so, then a replacement may be in order. The last thing that you need is for your roof to give out in the middle of bad weather.

Consider these points before making any decisions about your roof. You should also get the advice of experts who can offer greater insight about the options ahead of you. Then, make an informed decision to benefit you and your home.

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